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October 26, 2002

Saturday, October 26, 2002 – 7:02 PM

Rob @ 7:02 PM

Well, I do have a bittersweet note to start this thing on. My grandmother's funeral was today. She passed away in her sleep Thursday morning. I'm happy for her, and wish her all the best in her afterlife. You see, she lived an utterly pain-filled life. Due to myriad conditions which I won't go into here, she has spent at least the past 20 years, if not more, in the kind of abject pain you wouldn't wish on your worst enemy's lawyer. I'm grateful that she has finally found peace.

She was a devout Catholic, so the service was in her local church. The priest had an accent that made him sound like Bela Lugosi at times, and I had to stop myself from giggling. And don't call me insensitive. If was insensitive, I would have let myself laugh.

Without droning on and on about my personal faith, I will say that I don't believe death is the end for anyone, just another stage of being. I also think that in matters of religion, there are no right or wrong answers, and nobody should feel the need to prove anyone else's religion wrong. Except for Scientology. If you're going to worship a dead science fiction writer, at least pick one who was talented. Like Douglas Adams.

Enough of that.

Today's date is neat, because October 26, 1985 is the date "Back to the Future" takes place. Hey, it's one of my favorite movies, so sue me.

We gain an hour of sleep tonight. Sleep is one of my favorite hobbies. Thanks, daylight savings!

I got a decent jacket at the Salvation Army to use with my Halloween costume, once I've alterated it a bit. My lovely sister Fina and I are marching with some of our pals in the NYC Halloween parade on Thursday. I'm going to dress as Groucho Marx, and she's doing some sort of crazy nurse thing. Anyone in costume can join! All I have to do now is have Fina darken my hair at some point.

I have big updates in progress for my Sealab page and my Celebrities With Phones archive, but I don't have the time to finish them up just now. Possibly in a few days.

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  1. Rob says:

    Well, here it is. My first blog post ever.

    I had actually resisted the urge to start one for a while. However, more and more of my friends started them up, and I eventually wanted in. Since I had my own site, I didn't want to sign up with LiveJournal or any other blogging service; I still sort of looked down on that sort of thing as something for people not able to do it for themselves. (I would eventually revise that assessment.) I started this on my own site as a static HTML file I would add to the top of in order to "post."

    I've begun importing those old blog posts of mine into my current blog. More info on the old blog and this importing project is viewable here.

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