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October 27, 2002

Sunday, October 27, 2002 – 7:37 PM

Rob @ 7:37 PM

People should have to take intelligence tests before reproducing.

Twice today I had to deal with one of my job's biggest headaches, people leaving small children alone in the arcade in which I work while doing their own thing in the rest of the mall. It sounds ridiculous, but parents keep doing it. Somehow the notion enters some mother's apology for a brain that it'd be perfectly fine to leave little six-or-seven-year-old Tyler or Taylor * alone with two bucks' worth of game tokens in a reasonably crowded mall arcade with its own exit to the parking lot, one overworked-looking loser behind the counter who is trying desparately to ignore all that goes on and is most likely reading a book, and lots of rows of games to obstruct said loser's view of most of what goes on.

A couple of years ago it got to the point where I printed up signs - in English and Spanish - advising parents that small children left alone will be handed over to Mall Security. My mall has a nice bunch of people working security, who for the most part give even less of a rat's ass than me about the world around them. Upon my report of a lone child, they stop by the arcade (most likely on their way from lunch at Wendy's to lunch at McDonald's), escort the kid to their office, and put out an APB for the parent whilst filling out a police report. The kid gets filed away in their lost-and-found box, with only stinky coats, moldy Members Only jackets, and old broken Game Boys with no cartridges for company.

Since I'm talking about the arcade, please enjoy this link to an issue of UPL containing an article I wrote (as Rufus T Firefly, my handle back then) on a laptop at work describing how to cause total anarchy at arcades.

On a happier note, I picked up a fun book today. It's called "The Best Case Scenario Handbook." It's a parody of all the "Worst Case Scenario" books of which I'm a fan, and has situations like "What to do when a blow to the head gives you the ability to read minds" and "What to do when a drunken Bill Gates rear-ends your car and mumbles, 'Isn't there some way we can work this out without the police?'"

I'm wearing white for a while in mourning. It confuses everyone who knows me, since they never see me wear white unless I'm resurrecting myself after being felled by the Balrog, which admittedly hasn't happened yet.

* Taylor and Tyler are names I use for generic obnoxious kids, since they are almost always carrying a vaguely annoying last-name name like this. No offense to any decent people who may be stuck with those names is intended, but a name change is advised.

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