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November 29, 2002

Friday, November 29, 2002 – 7:36 PM

Rob @ 7:36 PM

Okay, okay, I've got a silly web-quiz result. Now this is officially a "blog."

Where Did Your Soul Originate?

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Friday, November 29, 2002 – 7:12 PM

Rob @ 7:12 PM

I've been on this introspective kick the last few days, since I'm sick and spend most of my time lying in bed and rooting around in my cluttered toybox of a mind. Today, a name popped up in my head and wouldn't go away, so I had to do a little legwork to put it to rest.

Long story short - I had a friend in Florida whom I met back in my AOL days, early 90s maybe. She was great, and our relationship kept threatening to progress to another level. But the fact that we lived 1000 miles apart, the fact that she was as old as I am now and I was still a goofy teenager, and the fact that my entire life suddenly fell into a huge pit due to a few factors including my own bankruptcy, we lost touch.

This was, of course, a couple of years before everyone and their mother were falling for each other over the Internet and travelling all over the place to meet up.

Anyway, I suddenly had the urge to put her name into Google. Lo and behold, she's got an amazingly successful life going on, the kind she had been hoping for. I feel really good about that. She deserves every bit of it. She helped make one of the lousier points of my life brighter, and I anonymously wish her all the best.

My belief that the world tends to be a nicer place to those who truly deserve it is reaffirmed!

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November 27, 2002

Wednesday, November 27th, 2002 – 4:16 PM

Rob @ 4:16 PM

Here's a true story that happened to me years ago.

When in public, I usually get mistaken for an employee no matter where I am. I'm constantly approached as an employee in stores and facilities of all types. Maybe I just look generic. Maybe it's my aura of helpfulness and goodwill. Maybe I'm such a good social engineer that I even do it when not trying. Or maybe I just have that overworked, broken-spirit look that most of the world's workforce exhibits while on duty. But sometimes it's just inexcusable.

About eight or nine years ago, I was shopping in my local Pathmark grocery store. I was dressed in a big puffy blue and green winter coat, and pushing a shopping cart full of groceries, looking a lot like a customer and nothing like an employee. But sure enough, a customer came up to me. He didn't ask whether I worked there, he wasn't at all polite, he just snapped "Where do you keep the pesticides?"

Just for fun, I replied "Under my sink," and smiled brightly.

"No, idiot," - yes, he called me idiot! - "I mean here in the store!"

"Well, fool-ass, check aisle seven!" I smiled even more brightly.

He turned several shades of red. "I'm going to speak to your manager!"

"I'm going to speak to your manager!" I reply.

He storms off, and I laugh and forget about it.

Later, I'm approaching the checkout, and I pass the manager's booth. I suddenly realize that I'm passing behind that angry guy, who's venting his spleen at the poor manager lady over some employee she doesn't have. I try very hard not to laugh out loud as I proceed to the checkout, leaving a scene of angry customer chaos behind me.

Any day in which you can leave some sort of chaos behind you is a good day, I think.

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November 26, 2002

Tuesday, November 26th, 2002 – 3:50 PM

Rob @ 3:50 PM

Okay, this is getting stupid. I went to the doctor, and all I've learned is whatever's wrong with me, it's not strep. Also, I've got a pair of ear infections, and am on antibiotics for a week. But the doctor had nothing to say about the constant stabbing headache I have behind my right eye, my throat, sinuses, or anything else. And that cost me 75 bucks. I should have at least asked for a note for my boss, but i wasn't thinking straight. Still not.

I'm putting myself off the nyquil, though. I'm against drinking alcohol as it is, and that stuff's 20 proof. I had to drink like a quart of juice to get the taste out of my mouth after every dose as is. I'll have to deal some other way.

I can't stare at this screen all that long, so I'm cutting this short. If anyone calls me and I don't answer, it's either because my voice went out again, or I chucked the phone across the room again.

November 25, 2002

Monday, November 25th, 2002 – 5:40 PM

Rob @ 5:40 PM

I'm still freaking sick, and not getting any better. My voice is now stuck somewhere between Bonnie Tyler and Demi Moore. Call me Bonnie Tyler-Moore.

When I was younger, I had a pattern of always being sick on either Thanksgiving or Christmas. It looks like I'll be taking up the habit again.

I got an MST3k dvd on the way home, since I don't think I'll be going to work tomorrow, and I'll need something to watch.

Dayquil and Nyquil no longer do anything for me. I wonder if there's such a thing as Interdimensional-state-of-non-being-quil.

Music - Rhythmic head pounding
Mood - Taking comfort in smelly cats and Final Fantasy 9.

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