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November 26, 2002

Tuesday, November 26th, 2002 – 3:50 PM

Rob @ 3:50 PM

Okay, this is getting stupid. I went to the doctor, and all I've learned is whatever's wrong with me, it's not strep. Also, I've got a pair of ear infections, and am on antibiotics for a week. But the doctor had nothing to say about the constant stabbing headache I have behind my right eye, my throat, sinuses, or anything else. And that cost me 75 bucks. I should have at least asked for a note for my boss, but i wasn't thinking straight. Still not.

I'm putting myself off the nyquil, though. I'm against drinking alcohol as it is, and that stuff's 20 proof. I had to drink like a quart of juice to get the taste out of my mouth after every dose as is. I'll have to deal some other way.

I can't stare at this screen all that long, so I'm cutting this short. If anyone calls me and I don't answer, it's either because my voice went out again, or I chucked the phone across the room again.

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