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December 23, 2002

Monday, December 23, 2002, 7:43 PM

Rob @ 7:43 PM

Going to see The Two Towers tonight! I did the opening night sneak preview thing for the Fellowship movie last year, but I couldn't for this one. Maybe next year I'll plan my life (or lack thereof) around the "Return of the King" opening. Of course, by that time I should be fantastically wealthy, so I'll just pay Peter Jackson off to let me watch his copy early. Whilst sitting on his lap.

Some horrid 24-hour-virus that's making the rounds has hit three of my best friends. And I'm going to spend four or five hours with two of them tonight. What a smart person I am!

Anyway, I'm getting home around 4am. This means I'll be really tired all day at work tomorrow. But that's okay, since spending any amount of time speaking with my average customer requires so little of my normal brain activity as to actually count as sleep.

Speaking of the mall, I did every bit of holiday shopping I could today, and it appears that a great many people I know will be receiving New Years gifts from me. We apologize for the delay. Blame the President for screwing up the economy. Or just blame my boss for not giving a holiday bonus this year. That's still a step up from two years ago; I received a $20 bonus, which was docked from my next paycheck. Isn't that just precious? I laughed my ass off, and made sure everyone in the company knew about it. The comedy value was well worth the twenty.

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