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January 28, 2003

Tuesday, January 28, 2003, 10:55 PM

Rob @ 10:55 PM

The mall arcade I managed is officially a distant memory, like whatever it was I had for breakfast today.

I did some work in an arcade in Connecticut today. Lots of the games which have been in my place over the years ended up here, and I was happy to note that my name is still all over the scoreboards on an "NBA Showtime" I played all the time a couple of years ago.

Another thing I noticed about that place.. the staff is one of the nicest staffs (staves?) I've ever seen in a place like that. They all seem amazingly happy with their jobs, which makes me wonder if they've been there long. Very nice people, in any case.

It got me thinking.. remember when you were young, and travelling to a different state was a major deal? "Wow, I'm going all the way to Connecticut today! All the TV and radio stations are even different!" Now, in bleary old age, it's just another border of dubious value. And the broadcasting monopolies have made extremely difficult to find a "different" TV or radio station broadcast anywhere.

Tomorrow - the Bronx.

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