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February 14, 2003

Friday, February 14, 2003, 11:37 PM

Rob @ 11:37 PM

Happy St. Valentine's Day! This, as all good schoolchildren know, is the day we celebrate the 74th anniversary of the St. Valentine's Day Massacre. In honor of the occasion, rent all the Al Capone movies you can find.

I'm single and unattached, and still I had a lovely day. Grey and I rented "Master of Disguise." Turtle, turtle!

Tomorrow's the anti-war rally. My good pal Enamon wrote:

Hey, yeah I'll try to make it. I clicked the link about the WBAI protest on your site and it took me to the Feeder Marches page. I became greatly disturbed when I saw the following listed in the Details section of the Irish American Contingent feeder march thingie:

"Our banner will proclaim 'We serve neither Bush nor Mobile.' Daniel Berrigan has agreed to lead our contingent. *George Harrison who is going on 87 years old has promised to be there.*" (emphasis mine)

Dead people taking to the streets. Shudder. Especially strangely overripe dead people.

Whatever the case may be, I'm bringing out my shotgun in case the zombies start attacking. I'm duct taping my brain to my skull. THOSE BASTARDS WONT GET THEIR FILTHY EMBALMED JAWS ON IT THAT EASILY!!!

All in all, let's just hope I'll wake up early tomorrow. I'm bringing my camera.

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February 13, 2003

Thursday, February 13, 2003, 12:37 AM

Rob @ 12:37 PM

I've finalized my plans for Saturday. I will be participating in the United For Peace anti-war rally in NYC. I'll probably be going in with the WBAI listeners' feeder march. Anyone around want to go with me? Email me!

If you are interested, but not in the NYC area, just poke around here to find a demonstration near you. These rallies are being planned all over the world, to coincide on February 15th.

In related news, In the likely event there is a war, someone has been kind enough to put together this fun-yet-frightening interactive simulation of how Gulf War 2 will end up.

February 11, 2003

Tuesday, February 11, 2003, 9:20 PM

Rob @ 9:20 PM

Long and pointless quiz swiped from Fina's journal..

_ Name: Rob
_ Do you like your name?: I like the one I picked better than the one I was born with.
_ When did you kick and scream your way into the world?: Every time my alarm rings.
_ If you're knowledgeable of astrology, what's your star studded sign?: Scorpio. Fear me.
_ What's the color of that mop on top of your head?: Brown.
_ How long is that mop and is it curly burly or board straight?: Slightly wavy when it gets long, and slightly thinning so I may buzz it short.
_ How far from your tippy-top to your pretty toes?: 5' 10" I think.
_ Are your toes really that pretty?: Uhmm.. no. Not one bit.
_ How many holes do you have in your body, aside from those used for eating, breathing, hearing, peeing, pooing, and engaging in sexual activities?: No piercings, just a few cavities.
_ Body art?: I sometimes let people doodle on me with ball-point pens.
_ How would you describe/rate your attractiveness, you sexy thang you?: I wouldn't.
_ What is your sexual preference, sugarlips?: Kathy Griffin.

_ Movie[s]...and why: Way too many to list. The "Back to the Future" trilogy comes to mind.
_ Book[s] Fiction: "Dr Who" novels, Douglas Adams, Terry Pratchett, and others.. Non-fiction: Kevin Mitnick, tech manuals, Silver Ravenwolf, Groucho Marx, Dave Barry, and others..
_ Board game[s]: Monopoly, Scrabble.
_ Food: Rare steak, sashimi, fresh fruits and vegetables, peanut butter.
_ Song[s]...and why: Can't pick just one, but right now I'm listening to "Science Genius Girl" by Freezepop.
_ Band/Singer[s]: Way too many, but my favorite musicians at the moment include Information Society, Freezepop, Insane Clown Posse, Cotton Club, Jean-Michel Jarre, and KRS-One.
_ If you watch tv (YOU BUM), show: Most of my favorite shows are cancelled; "Dr Who," "Mystery Science Theater 3000," and "The Tick" (live action) to name a few. My favorite current show is "Sealab 2021."
_ Pretty pretty flower: Bleeding hearts.
_ Pretty pretty disney princess: RuPaul.
_ Animal[s]...and why: My cats.
_ Drink (alcoholic or non): Orange juice.
_ Holiday...: Halloween, maybe.
_ Sport: Sleeping.
_ Car: No.
_ Historical figure..and why: Albert Einstein. I would love to have met him.
_ Season and why: Winter! Snow, baby, SNOW!!!
_ Work of art: All of them.
_ Mode of transportation: TARDIS. In real life, my own two feet.

_ could travel to any era in time, which would you travel to and why?: I'd go forward maybe a century or two and check out the progress (if any) people have made.
_ could be any superhero, which would you be and why?: The Mask (from the movie, not the comic.) I've always dreamed of being able to do that sort of cartoony stuff.
_ were president. what would be on your priorities list?: I'd resign immediately, and seek out a job which actually has use.
_ could meet any person, dead or alive, who would you meet: Groucho Marx.
_ ...speaking of the end of a species...the world is going to end in 24 hours! WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO?: Gather close with the ones I love, and tell everyone else exactly what I think of them.
_ could have sex with anyone in the world, who would it be?: I don't know.
_ ...all of your best friends were willing to be completely honest with you and tell you what they liked best and least about you, would you want them to?: Yes.
_ could be invisible for a day. what would you do?: I'd sneak around restricted government areas, and look for suppressed info I think the public might get a kick out of. I'd also find out how many "lists" i got myself on by posting that sentence.
_ could change any one thing about the way you look, what would it be?: I'd permanently zap my facial hair away, so I wouldn't have to shave anymore. I hate shaving.

_ What is the best way to break up with someone?: Without involving the police.
_ What is the hardest part about growing up?: I'll let you know if I ever get there.
_ Do you believe in love at first sight?: Been there.
_ What is your biggest fear?: Rosie O'Donnell.
_ How important is it for you to win?: Win what?
_ What was the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to you?: I don't get embarrassed, because I usually get the joke too.
_ Would you rather see all sex or all violence censored from television?: I'd rather see commercials censored.
_ Imagine you got hit by a car and could be saved only by a special operation. The operation would save all of your physical and mental capabilities, but you would be horribly disfigured. Would you want to have the operation?: Sure, I'm no prize to look at to begin with.
_ What do you want your future occupation to be: Fun.
_ Are you worried about what kind of place the world will be when you get older? if so, what worries you the most and what do you think could be done to improve things?: Very much so, because the people in control don't have the rest of the people's interests at heart. Things could be improved by changing that.

(a) God?: Quite a few.
(b) aliens: Yes.
(c) ghosts: Yes.
(d) witches: Some of my best friends!
(e) demons: In a way.
(f) vampires: Overly pale goths trying desperately to be scary.
(g) angels: Yes!
(h) the devil/hell: I believe people are as able to find something to call "Devil" within themselves as they are to find something to call "God." Hell is there for people who expect it.
(i) astral projection: I have.
(j) telepathy: I have.
(k) premonitions: I have.
(l) Atlantis: Not too bad, for a Disney flick. Father Guido was in it!
(m) big foot: You leave my mom out of this!
(n) the loch ness monster: Goddammit, you can't have my tree fiddy!

(a) on drugs (not including marijuana): I have no use for them. In this day and age, anyone who does knows fully what they are getting into and the risks involved, and shouldn't be surprised when they take their toll.
(b) on using someone for personal gain: Not cool.
(c) consuming alcohol: I don't, but I find drunk people very funny.
(d) smoking cigarettes: No use for them. I do find it hilarious that it's perfectly legal to slowly kill yourself with tobacco, but assisted suicide is still illegal.
(e) smoking marijuana: No use for it.
(f) gay/lesbian relations: Great for the gay and lesbian folks!
(g) long distance relationships: Never worked out for me. Maybe it could for someone else.
(h) suicide: It's the ultimate waste, not to mention as cowardly as you can get, and I have NO sympathy for suicides. All my sympathy and help goes instead to the ones who were touched by the fool who killed him/herself. This is NOT, however, how I feel about Kevorkian-style assisted suicide for people who have legitimately exhausted every other medical option.

_ drank alcohol: Sipped once or twice. Hate it.
_ smoked cigarettes: No.
_ smoked marijuana: No, I can act like an ass under my own power, thank you very much.
_ done other drugs: Lots of chloraseptic, when I had my tonsillectomy.
_ been arrested: Not yet.
_ been in jail: Not yet.
_ gotten with members of the same gender: No, but I'm often hit on by guys.
_ given a striptease: No, I thrill people by putting my clothes back on.
_ flirted with a teacher or *gasp* gotten with a teacher?: I once asked an insane 12th grade English teacher to run away with me. The offer still stands!
_ cried over a girl or guy you liked: Occasionally.
_ cheated on your boyfriend/girlfriend: Only with my cats.
_ contemplated suicide: No.
_ jumped from an extremely high altitude into water: I don't do tricks.
_ been on an upside-down rollercoaster: No.
_ stolen something: Plead the fifth!
_ hurt someone: Yes.
_ planted a tree: Yes.
_ been in the hospital overnight: Yes.
_ gotten with a friend's boyfriend/girlfriend: No. Ex-girlfriend, on the other hand...
_ seen a ghost: Yes.
_ forgotten to flush: Dammit! I'll be right back...

_ how many birthmarks do you have and where are they?: I've never counted, but I have one on my right cheek which I'm not thrilled with.
_ what shampoo do you use: Dish detergent. It cuts my Italian grease!
_ what are you wearing right now?: Trousers and a Star Wars t-shirt.
_ who was the last person you saw: Fina.
_ and where were you last night, you dirty bastard: Home, playing PS2 games. Dirty!

February 9, 2003

Sunday, February 9, 2003, 12:26 PM

Rob @ 12:26 PM

2600 was fun, b9's place was fun, and Redhackt is more fun to watch than pr0n. No pictures, though, as Grey wasn't there for me to abuse her digicam.

At the meeting, a friend of mine gave me a copy of US Patent # 6,025,810. It's a patent filed in 1997, granted in 2000, of a "hyper-light-speed antenna." Only, the light barrier is supposedly unbroken. It's an interesting read, though, if you can read Scientific. Many of you will scoff as soon as you get to the bits about other dimensions and such. I'd try to build one of these, though, if I had the resources to burn.

My mom just received some pictures of debris from the Space Shuttle Columbia, snapped by some family of ours in East Texas. As if I didn't already think my relatives were odd enough, now they're sending pictures of shuttle parts to my mom. I also received my first spam email attempting to cash in on the disaster by claiming to sell "Columbia collector's coins." Brave astronauts die prematurely, but people like that get to be alive?

On a lighter note, try this. It's a shooter, but with letters. Very addicting.

Music - Jean Michel Jarre - "Equinoxe"

February 7, 2003

Friday, February 7, 2003, 11:53 AM

Rob @ 11:53 AM

Someone called Phantomboner reimagined the intro to the 70s detective show "Hart to Hart." Knowledge of the show is not required to laugh your fool head off at this.

If that's too cerebral for you, here are the adventures of a man with a ukulele, Benny Hill style.

Thanks to b3ta for the links!

It's just Matt and I heading out to the meeting today.

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