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May 31, 2003

Saturday, May 31, 2003, 1:24 PM

Rob @ 1:24 PM

Stole this from Venadium...

last cigarette: Never
last good cry: Sometime last year
last library book checked out: A Nostradamus book, I think
last movie seen: "Matrix: Reloaded" in the theater, "Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me" on tv.
last book read: Penn and Teller's "How to Play In Traffic"
last cuss word uttered: "Dammit"
last beverage drank: Water
last food consumed: Popcorn
last crush: Young Billie Holiday
last phone call: Grey
last tv show watched: BBC World News
last time showered: When I woke up today, noonish.
last shoes worn: zipped-up fake leather boots
last cd played: Wendy Carlos, "Digital Moonscapes."
last item bought: Soda and junk food for Fina and Mallory
last downloaded: Twiztid's new free EP, from their website
last annoyance: Matt's video card
last disappointment: Missing the new Sealab: 2021 episode last Sunday
last soda drank: Sprite Remix. It tastes like an unsuccessful chemistry experiment.
last thing written: A movie review
last key used: The one in my front door
last word spoken: "Mmm-hm."
last sleep: I woke up around noon today.
last im: Leo, last night.
last sexual fantasy: Number ten, the one where you play blitzball and have a sword made of water. Wait, that's my last Final Fantasy...
last weird encounter: Something I dreamed recently
last ice cream eaten: Vanilla
last time amused: Reading Venadium's responses to this quiz
last time wanting to die: No
last time hugged: Yesterday
last time scolded: Last week, at work.
last time resentful: Resentfulness isn't my thing
last chair sat in: The office chair I'm sitting in now
last lipstick used: Last year sometime, when I finally gave in to Grey and Fina's pleas to let them put makeup on me.
last underwear worn: Mine.
last bra worn: I once paraded around the house with one on my head when I was very little.
last shirt worn: A black one covered in M.C. Escher prints.
last time dancing: Last Saturday, at a bowling alley.
last show attended: The Rocky Horror Picture Show, a few weeks ago.
last webpage visited: Venadium's SK journal, where I swiped this from..

That was indeed pointless.

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