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June 27, 2003

Friday, June 27, 2003, 10:29 PM

Rob @ 10:29 PM

I picked up a neat grey jacket for my Crim costume at Salvation Army today. It's not velvet like in the movie, but a velvet one has proved really hard to find, plus inappropriate for the weather this time of year. Plus, it only cost me seven dollars, which will make it less painful if I wreck the thing trying to alter it. Now I've just got the ascot to make, which will probably be the hardest part. I've got plenty of red fabric to ruin, though.

Here's the costume guide I'm using.

Fina is the coolest person ever to shop with, by the way. She found a yellow "Crazy Eddie" baseball cap for a buck, which reminded me of an occurrence back in the mid 1980s, when VCRs were still a major luxury item. The original Crazy Eddie's chain of electronics stores put a big ad in the paper for a VCR on sale for some ridiculous price, and a tagline "One of a kind!" My mom, a friend of hers, and crowds of people flooded the local Crazy Eddie's to get hold of the deal, only to find that "one of a kind" meant - get this - they were only selling one of them. How's that for a stunt?

Later in Salvation I was browsing the trousers, and found a frightening traffic-light-green pair which I got a huge kick out of. I showed them to Fina, who took a long look at them, a long look back at me, and said "If you wore those.. I'd still talk to you."

Speaking of appearances, the last time I was at DTCP, Mark mentioned to me how he tries to encourage as much hair length as possible in Witches. I ran my hand through my bald spot and laughed that my genetics disagreed with him. But it's all good. In fact, I've decided that just because I'm struck with male-pattern baldness doesn't mean I shouldn't buzz my hair really short for Summer. As soon as I figure out these fancy-schmancy hair clippers I got, I may go for it.

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