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June 24, 2003

Tuesday, June 24, 2003, 11:17 PM

Rob @ 11:17 PM

I just did an automatic natal chart thingy on this site, and it's surprisingly on the mark. I'm still going to get one done the old-fashioned way, though.

Tuesday, June 24, 2003, 9:54 PM

Rob @ 9:54 PM

Saw "The Hulk" with Grey and Infinity2 last night. It's not a bad film, and I won't post any spoilers, but I want to throw something at Ang Lee for his comic-panels. The scene changes, multiple angles, and stuff are often on screen as floating, shifting panels which are probably meant to represent comic-book-style panels, but which in practice make it seem as though he filmed the movie on a Rubik's Cube.

The CG Hulk did resemble an angrier Shrek. Nick Nolte, however, was very appropriate for the role of psychotic, antisocial, redneck hermit.

Apologies to Grey for chuckling like a madman through the whole flick, but I was MSTing it in my head, and kept making myself laugh. It's a very MSTable movie.

To any of my local pals who read this.. does anyone have a decent video camera I could make use of next month sometime?

June 21, 2003

Saturday, June 21, 2003, 3:35 PM

Rob @ 3:35 PM

My esteemed webhost has pointed to my site, which is holding its place until he decides what to do with the domain. What a guy!

Kracked's Internet Services have moved to Project Detour, if you're looking for them.

Saturday, June 21, 2003, 2:13 PM

Rob @ 2:13 PM

Outlook Express ate my email accounts for the last time. I'm going to get a better email client. If anyone has emailed me in the past month or so without a response, please re-send as it may have vanished into the ether.

In other news, 3:10 PM (EDT) today is the Summer Solstice, the moment when the Sun appears highest in the sky. Here is the astronomer's explanation of what the Summer Solstice is, here is a less technical one, and here are some of the Pagan traditions associated with the day.

Of course, it's raining buckets outside. It's not one of my best Sabbats at any rate, but the astronomy buff in me still digs it.

June 20, 2003

Friday, June 20, 2003, 8:43 PM

Rob @ 8:43 PM

Enamon23: Have you seen this?
Rob T Firefly: Wacky.
Enamon23: I've found a patent application by one of the people on the project.
Enamon23: The front page includes a picture of a monkey.
Rob T Firefly: It just goes to show, anything can be improved by adding a picture of a monkey.
Rob T Firefly: Where's the patent?
Enamon23: I didn't bookmark it. Lemme find it again.
Enamon23: Go here and type in 20030093129
Rob T Firefly: Hmm..
Enamon23: The guy has a website:
Enamon23: The Girl From Ipanema is the background music for that site.
Enamon23: That has got to be one of the freakiest scientific websites I've ever come across.
Rob T Firefly: It's not as fascinating as patent #4182335, but still intriguing.
Enamon23: I'd have to disagree. The anal filter patent lacks a diagram portraying a monkey making full use of the device.
Rob T Firefly: Maybe, but that's what mental imagery is for.
Enamon23: Those anal filter diagrams look disturbingly like Hot Pockets.
Rob T Firefly: What language is the Ipanema song in, here?
Rob T Firefly: It hurts my head.
Rob T Firefly: That's why I don't eat hot pockets.
Enamon23: I have no idea but within a few minutes a woman begins to sing it in English.
Enamon23: The woman who was the inspiration for the song runs a restaurant down in Rio.
Enamon23: It's called.... <drumroll> The Girl From Ipanema
Rob T Firefly: That.. is amazing.
Enamon23: Of course she must be at least 50 something right now.
Enamon23: In a few years she will be a prime candidate for the use of the anal filter.
Rob T Firefly: If not already.
Rob T Firefly: Anyway, I must go. I'm hitting a cheezy mall fair tonight.
Enamon23: Ah, ok then.
Enamon23: Good luck then.
Enamon23: Watch out for... THE MALL PEOPLE!!!
Rob T Firefly: I worked with them for four years, I know full well what to expect.
Rob T Firefly: That's why I'm bringing a harpoon gun and a fusion bomb with me.

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