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September 14, 2003

Sunday, September 14, 2003, 9:51 PM

Rob @ 11:51 PM

Fina, Enamon, and I made it to last night's show at the UCB Theatre, and it was loads of fun. They started with the normal Bootlegger's Ball show, which involves UCB members posing as cast and crew and improvising a fake commentary track to a movie voted for by the audience. Last night's movie was the indomitable 80s vampire mullet-fest, "The Lost Boys."

The movie was cut short after half an hour or so, giving way to the long-lost pilot episode to the UCB series. The cast, Matt Besser (Adair,) Amy Poehler (Colby,) Ian Roberts (Antoine,) and Matt Walsh (Trotter) recorded their DVD commentary for the pilot, and episode 108, which was voted for by the audience.

At this point they also invited everyone back in the crappy seats to sit up front on stage with them, and Fina, Enamon, and I got to sit right behind Matts Besser and Walsh. I don't know if that'll end up on video or audio or what, though. During these commentaries, they took audience questions, and I have apparently added to my brush-with-greatness collection by posing a question during 108's commentary.

After the commentary tracks were recorded, there was an audience Q&A session with the UCB, featuring such highlights as the UCB confessing to a deep hatred of astronauts, and Amy Poehler defining the term "red wings" much to the disgust of her castmates.

A great time was had by all! And it appears I have yet another mass-media infiltration under my belt.

Look for the Upright Citizens Brigade DVD on November 4th.

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