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September 23, 2003

Tuesday, September 23, 2003, 8:44 PM

Rob @ 8:44 PM

I haven't written for a bit, so here are a few days' worth of drivel...

Hurricane? You call that a hurricane? I've had more meteorological activity in my bowl of Rice Krispies. No damage here.

I went to Manhattan on Friday to meet up with Katrina and her friend Rudy. Rudy is a great guy, with an extremely cool collection of anime and comics, as well as a talent for building card houses.

Finally meeting up with Katrina after she had been stuck in Texas for so long was quite an event, for us both.

We spent the weekend together, jetting more or less randomly between where she's staying in Manhattan, and my place on Long Island. She introduced me to a great Middle-Eastern restaurant and Daifu Cream, and I introduced her to my boring town and its disproportionately large number of bars and stupid drunk people. We also developed an insidious plan involving the big metal globe in Columbus Circle and a large group of people armed with toilet paper rolls, but don't tell anyone about that.

We attempted to see the Dalai Lama in Central Park, but the event was simply too crowded. After waiting something like three hours on a line which wound more than halfway around the park, we finally made it into the park only to find that the event had ended. I estimated at least 20,000 others on line with us who missed the event.

Here's a news report on the event.

Still, we did get some good books from someone who was selling them out of his backpack, and it was a nice day to hang out.

In other news, my cousin Catherine passed away yesterday.

My extended relatives seem to consider my mom my sisters, and I some sort of "black sheep," which is fine with us. I've never felt all that obliged to most of them, and I'm not traditional enough to immediately love someone just because they're blood related. However, Cathy was family in every sense. She was the cousin my close family and I were closest with, and we will miss her dearly.

With sadness comes joy, as there's now an addition to our family. We inherited Cathy's cat, Stinky. We'll have to keep an eye on how well he adapts to living here, as he was Cathy's only cat, and she spoiled him rotten, bless her heart. He's now living with three other cats, all of whom are psycho fiends from cat-hell.

I've come out of the "Broom Closet" at my job, and am now open about my Witchy beliefs.

I'm confident most of my coworkers are convinced that the pentacle I wear doesn't mean I'm the Antichrist. In any case, if someone can't grok this about me after knowing and working with me for five years or so, I really can't feel too bad about it.

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