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October 10, 2003

Friday, October 10, 2003, 8:26 PM

Rob @ 8:26 PM

Hey, a journal. Perhaps I'll give it a post.

The 2600 meeting was fun as always. I finally introduced Katrina to the wonders of the Hacker Halfway House, and we didn't get home until about three in the afternoon the next day. We also hung with the mighty Murd0c, rockin' a red mohawk and an attitude to match, who left us early to check out a punk fest.

Enamon's digital camera won't connect to my PC.

Being open about my religion at my job isn't turning out as rough as I thought it might be.

Katrina has spent a few weekends over, and has shared in the glory that is my pathetic town.

I haven't seen most of my other friends for a long time. Hopefully that'll change soon.

My current Halloween costume plan for the parade is Violent J face paint, yellow hair spray, a bloody axe, and an angel outfit with wings and halo.

This blog will be a year old on the 26th.

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