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January 30, 2004

Friday, January 30, 2004, 3:11 AM

Rob @ 3:11 AM

Good ol' Arbie, of the, has started a shoutcast stream of the PLA's bet phone tomfoolery, shenannigans, and goings-on.  Have a listen!

Last night I dreamed I was running around Penn Station, swinging around a bedsheet I happened to be holding.  Oh, and I was Brak, which was lots of fun.  I'm usually not one to dream I'm someone else, but if it had to happen, I'm glad it was Brak.

I'd like to see anyone try and analyze that one!

I implemented Stimutacs over on Pod-Six.  It's just a random html script and a random link generator, both nms scripts from scriptarchive, and probably the simplest things you can find.  I realised while I was doing it, that this is the first time I've ever implemented cgi/perl in my five or six years of running websites.

Here's yet another pointless survey, swiped from a couple of friends...

1) If you could make one part of your body stop growing hair at all so that it would never return, what would that be?:
My face, I hate shaving.

2) You are campaigning for Grand Master of the Earth or an equivalent status. What moment do you hope the press does not catch?:
This survey, probably.

3) What is the most embarrassing mispronunciation of a word you've ever managed? Spell it phonetically, and to ensure you've learned from your mistake, also spell out its correct sound.:
I once accidentally called my middle-school friend Andrew "Mom," does that count?

4) Describe the odor of the foulest person you have ever encountered (oh yes, and say who they are, we all want to sniff them).
A high school math teacher, I had his class right after his smoke break, and he liked to sit on my desk while lecturing.  Multiple body odors at once, and rancid cigarette smoke.

5) What do you think of metric time?:
I like all sorts of time.

6) What is your favorite mnemonic device?:
I've forgotten.

7) What was, physically, the most painful moment in your life?:
Seeing "Big Daddy" in the theater.

8) When was the last time you hit someone in anger?:
Take me to see "Big Daddy" and you'll find out.

9) How do you feel about daleks?:
I adore them so long as they're not trying to kill me.

10) If you could, would you have lived in a different time period? If so, what would it be?:
I live in several a different time periods, most of them are now.

11) What is the worst movie you have ever seen?:
I once saw five minutes of "Glitter" while channel-surfing.  I still get the night terrors.

12) Which nostril is your favorite?

13) When you recite all of the theme song to "The Fresh Prince of Bel Air" when you're bored with your friends, do you take it a step further and imitate Will Smith's inflection?:
I prefer "Nightmare on My Street."

14) Do your friends all listen to the same music as you?:
Some of it, maybe.

15) Who is the tragically deceased celebrity with whom you are obsessed? We all have one.:
I don't know about tragically, but I'm a big fan of deceased celebrities Groucho Marx and Harry Goz, and many others.

16) Describe the most comedic hat you have ever worn.
During a trip to Disney World in 1988, I wore a hat which was basically a Donald Duck head, with his mouth as the brim.  It even had Donald's little sailor hat on top of the hat.  I've found a picture of someone else wearing it here.

17) What lyric is currently stuck in your head?
Some of my own I'm working on.

18) You're listening on your headphones when suddenly the coolest people you have ever seen stroll towards you. You immediately switch to what song?
Why would I switch?

19) What is your desired lifespan, even if unrealistic?
I hope to live until the day I die.

20. Convince us you are not a parasite through either refuting the assumption by biological evidence or submitting an emotional appeal.
I don't plan to ever run for political office.

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