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March 13, 2004

Saturday, March 13th, 2004, 5:10 PM

Rob @ 5:10 PM

Finally put up the photos from last week's 2600 meeting.   Yay for me!  Here's the highlight reel...

clicky Kymus, a nice guy from Joisey.
clicky Grey with Leslie, a nice sociology student who did a project on us.
clicky Matt and I with a Spanish-channel news van.

In other news, I was looking for Tom Servo pictures to use as reference material for the fan comic I'm working on, and I didn't really find what I was looking for.

So, I started it myself.


I posted the link to a couple of forums, and am really surprised at the massive amounts of support and positive reactions it has gotten in just one day.  I must be doing something right, heh...

March 11, 2004

Thursday, March 11, 2004, 1:37 PM

Rob @ 1:37 PM

Survey swiped from Grey...

First best friend:  My grandfather.  Later, a kid named Sean in Kindergarden.
First car:  None.
First date:  In 6th grade with a girl named Shannon, who last I heard had a million kids.
First real kiss:  A girl named Christina.
First break-up:  Shannon, when her family moved away.
First screen name:  The earliest one I'll divulge was just the letter "r."  I had to talk the guy that ran the ISP into letting me have it.
First self purchased album:  Queen, "A Night at the Opera."
First funeral:  My grandfather's.
First pets:  A water frog named Goliath.
First piercing/tattoo:  None just yet.
First credit card:  I've only used debit cards.
First true love:  Reading.
First enemy:  My sister Jo, who holds the title of only person to ever knock me unconscious.  (She was three, I was six, and she clocked me with the Busy Box out of her crib.)
First musician you remember hearing in your house:  There were always records playing.  The first one I can remember by name is Lena Zavaroni.

Last cigarette:  Never.
Last car ride:  Catching a ride home from Dave's with Chris and Debbie earlier this week.
Last kiss:  One of my cats just licked my hand, and now my hand stinks.
Last good cry:  Last week.
Last library book checked out:  I honestly don't remember.  I might still have it somewhere.
Last movie seen:  I just rewatched the MST3k version of "Santa Claus Conquers the Martians."
Last beverage drank:  Milk, which was moistening the cereal..
Last food consumed:  Cereal, which was floating in the milk.
Last crush:  Orange.
Last phone call:  Murdoc's voice mail.
Last time showered:  This morning.
Last shoes worn:  Black ones.
Last cd played:  An old photo CD.
Last item bought:  Bus fare.
Last annoyance:  Job hunting.
Last disappointment:  My phone is shut off.
Last time wanting to die:  That's not something I usually want.  Maybe in a bleary brainless moment last time I had flu.
Last time scolded:  This morning.
Last shirt worn:  I'm wearing a black t-shirt with a wing-flapping penguin on it, captioned "I wish I could fly."  It's one of my favorites.
Last website visited:  My livejournal friends page.
Last word you said:  "Skin," as my mom is upstairs watching Sharon Osbourne and that's what I described Mrs. Osbourne as a waste of.
Last song you sang:  One I'm almost finished writing.
What is in your cd player?:  Dust.  I haven't listened to a physical CD in two years or so.
What color socks are you wearing?:  One is gray with a red and blue checker pattern, the other is green with red and yellow stripes.
What Color of underwear are you wearing?:  Red flannel boxers.
What's under your bed?:  Carpet.
What time did you wake up today?:  About 8 AM.

Where do you want to go?:  Just now, I have the urge to visit a cemetary.
What is your career going to be?:  Something that supports me and my hobbies.
Where are you going to live?:  Either New York, California, or somewhere in between.  (Sorry, New England!)
How many kids do you want?:  Three, one of each.
What kind of car(s):  Someone else's, I hope.

Current mood:  Worn out..
Current music:  An old "Cotton Eye Joe" remix mod I've always liked.  Check out the reversed vocals.
Current taste:  Raisin bran.
Current hair:  Thick and Italian, except for on my head.
Current longing:  A paycheck.
Current desktop picture:  This one.
Current favorite artist:  Alex Grey.  His artwork is one of the few things I can look at, and actually hear a sound coming off it.
Current book(s):  "Beneath a Mountain Moon" by Silver Ravenwolf, "No Logo" by Naomi Klein," "Doctor Who: Deadly Reunion" by Terrance Dicks and Barry Letts.
Current color of toenails:  Same as always.
Current time-wasting wish:  "Take over Switzerland.  Get all the chocolate!!!" - Freakazoid

Thursday, March 11, 2004, 8:36 AM

Rob @ 8:36 AM

To anyone who's called me recently, my normal number is out of service at the moment.

March 10, 2004

Wednesday, March 10, 2004, 6:08 PM

Rob @ 6:08 PM

I've hit a local temp agency.  Hopes are up...

Did some general site maintainance today.  Streamlined and updated my writings page, gave some of my graphics their own big unwieldy page, and added a page of the forums I frequent.  Now I don't have to use all those damnable bookmarks when I get the urge to check messageboards.  Good for me!

JNN has posted the best Passion of the Christ news article ever.

March 9, 2004

Tuesday, March 9, 2004, 6:02 AM

Rob @ 6:02 AM

(05:50:26) its linear: your AIM client is attacking me again by repetively sending your buddy icon.
(05:50:37) Rob T Firefly: D'oh! Terribly sorry.
(05:50:55) Rob T Firefly: I don't know why it does that, nobody else seems to get that but YOU!!!!
(05:51:19) Rob T Firefly: Maybe if you assigned me a local icon or something.
(05:51:30) its linear: unacceptable. take yourself to the mountain for sacrifice.
(05:51:48) Rob T Firefly: Yes, sir... grumble grumble stupid mountain...
(05:57:49) its linear: hrm... i clicked "No" finally this time 'round on your ICON HELL!@#, and i think that solved it.
(05:58:08) Rob T Firefly:You have to learn to say no sometimes.
(05:58:20) its linear: before, i would bitterly accept, hopeful that, maybe, this time it really will be a new icon
(05:58:44) its linear: but it's always just false hope with you, man.
(05:59:15) Rob T Firefly: Of course, you realize that I really do change my icon approximately 24 times per second.
(05:59:40) Rob T Firefly: If you stay updated, you get a DVD-quality movie in 50x50 pixels.
(06:00:10) its linear: oh man! start over, i missed too much
(06:00:27) its linear: ARGH!@# it started again just as i said that. i jinx myself.
(06:00:27) Rob T Firefly: If I get on voice-over-IP at the same time, you get director's commentary.
(06:01:09) its linear: insightful commentary such as... "my wrist hurts... i can't keep changing this damn icon"
(06:01:20) Rob T Firefly: Oh, you've heard it!

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