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August 17, 2004

Tuesday, August 17, 2004, 8:59PM

Rob @ 8:59 PM

(20:47:34) Mister Murd0c:
(20:48:45) Rob T Firefly: Sooooo.. this thing tells people what you listened to?
(20:49:10) Mister Murd0c: yeah
(20:49:12) Mister Murd0c: and recommends
(20:49:13) Mister Murd0c: and such
(20:49:16) Mister Murd0c: its pretty damn neat
(20:49:56) Rob T Firefly: The untold quadrillions of dollars and decades of hard work that went into creating the Internet, spearheaded of course by Al Gore, were all building up to a gadget that saves you the trouble of telling people "I listen to the Coup too much."
(20:50:10) Rob T Firefly: Rockin!
(20:50:11) Mister Murd0c: Yeah
(20:50:16) Mister Murd0c: The Coup are awesome too
(20:50:19) Mister Murd0c: you should give them a listen
(20:50:40) Rob T Firefly: But... by manually recommending them... you've just negated that whole site, and we no longer need an Internet.
(20:50:45) Rob T Firefly: YOu bastard!
(20:50:49) Mister Murd0c: Dude
(20:50:54) Mister Murd0c: I told you over the internet
(20:50:57) Mister Murd0c: SO YEAH IN YOUR FACE
(20:51:09) Rob T Firefly: DON'T COME AT ME WITH YOUR LOGIC!!!!
(20:51:18) Mister Murd0c: OUTTAMAHFACE
(20:51:20) Rob T Firefly: What's done is done. THere's no reasoning with me.
(20:51:32) Mister Murd0c: Yeah, I'll just have to stab you
(20:51:41) Rob T Firefly: You=destroyer of the internet.

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