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November 28, 2004

Rob @ 9:06 PM

Amazon is selling a framed movie poster from 1991's "Cool as Ice," starring Vanilla Ice.

The poster can be had for the paltry sum of $95.72.
On sale from $110.08.

Speaking as one who actually likes both Vanilla Ice and painfully bad movies, I think that's a totally fair price, and have added it to my wish list..

In the not too distant future…

Rob @ 3:10 AM

Finally got my Halloween photos up.

I love being a geek!

November 27, 2004

Rob @ 1:11 PM

(12:25:13) torsverr: RTF IS A HACKER
(12:25:35) Rob T Firefly: VICIOUS RUMOR!!!
(12:26:00) Rob T Firefly: RTF is actually a claims adjuster for a major metropolitan shepherding firm.
(12:33:05) torsverr: what is "claims adjuster"
(12:33:21) torsverr: I think we should undermine society so we can complete destroy the beauracracy
(12:33:30) torsverr: we will replace it with tribal warfare and sex orgies
(12:33:43) torsverr: just like in africa
(12:33:53) Rob T Firefly: Claims adjuster: one who investigates insurance claims or claims for damages and recommends an effective settlement.
(12:33:54) torsverr: consensuality is irrelavent!
(12:33:59) torsverr: ah
(12:34:11) torsverr: muhaha
(12:34:20) torsverr: that sounds like it could be exploited!
(12:34:26) torsverr: if there weren't too many claims adjusters
(12:34:28) torsverr: and you knew people
(12:34:35) torsverr: but nobody knew you knoew them...
(12:34:37) Rob T Firefly: It's a surprisingly large factor in modern shepherding.
(12:34:49) torsverr: oh
(12:34:55) torsverr: my sheep ate poison berries
(12:34:58) torsverr: will you pay up
(12:36:10) Rob T Firefly: Sorry, the sheep aren't my problem. If the shepherd ever eats poison berries, give me a call.
(12:39:36) torsverr: but i live alone
(12:39:49) torsverr: in the distant mountains
(12:39:56) torsverr: if i eat poison berries noone will ever know
(12:40:15) Rob T Firefly: In that case, I offer my services as beneficiary.
(12:47:12) torsverr: you are so kind
(12:47:45) torsverr: just pretend you are my friend and use me arbitrarily
(12:47:51) torsverr: and it is a deal!
(12:49:39) Rob T Firefly: I'll run it all past my lawyer as soon as he graduates from law school.

November 26, 2004

Today is Buy Nothing day!

Rob @ 12:48 AM

After the years I spent in retail management, I participate in Buy Nothing Day out of sympathy for the overworked retail drones who have enough problems getting through work that day without killing someone, much more than the social activism angle (which I still dig, just not as much as I'm reliving my traumas of Black Fridays past.)

Rob @ 12:38 AM

As a day off work, today was fine. As a holiday, it was a bit of a wash for me. But at least my sister Jo and her fiancee (the future Mr. Jo) stopped by.

Hope all of you had good ones!

I have to work in six hours, and I am bummed.

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