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November 27, 2004

Rob @ 1:11 PM

(12:25:13) torsverr: RTF IS A HACKER
(12:25:35) Rob T Firefly: VICIOUS RUMOR!!!
(12:26:00) Rob T Firefly: RTF is actually a claims adjuster for a major metropolitan shepherding firm.
(12:33:05) torsverr: what is "claims adjuster"
(12:33:21) torsverr: I think we should undermine society so we can complete destroy the beauracracy
(12:33:30) torsverr: we will replace it with tribal warfare and sex orgies
(12:33:43) torsverr: just like in africa
(12:33:53) Rob T Firefly: Claims adjuster: one who investigates insurance claims or claims for damages and recommends an effective settlement.
(12:33:54) torsverr: consensuality is irrelavent!
(12:33:59) torsverr: ah
(12:34:11) torsverr: muhaha
(12:34:20) torsverr: that sounds like it could be exploited!
(12:34:26) torsverr: if there weren't too many claims adjusters
(12:34:28) torsverr: and you knew people
(12:34:35) torsverr: but nobody knew you knoew them...
(12:34:37) Rob T Firefly: It's a surprisingly large factor in modern shepherding.
(12:34:49) torsverr: oh
(12:34:55) torsverr: my sheep ate poison berries
(12:34:58) torsverr: will you pay up
(12:36:10) Rob T Firefly: Sorry, the sheep aren't my problem. If the shepherd ever eats poison berries, give me a call.
(12:39:36) torsverr: but i live alone
(12:39:49) torsverr: in the distant mountains
(12:39:56) torsverr: if i eat poison berries noone will ever know
(12:40:15) Rob T Firefly: In that case, I offer my services as beneficiary.
(12:47:12) torsverr: you are so kind
(12:47:45) torsverr: just pretend you are my friend and use me arbitrarily
(12:47:51) torsverr: and it is a deal!
(12:49:39) Rob T Firefly: I'll run it all past my lawyer as soon as he graduates from law school.

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