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January 23, 2005

White kids love hip hop…

Rob @ 12:21 AM

MC Chris was a blast, this was a bigger venue than the other day, and the house was packed despite the foot of snow outside. It was wild, and everyone was really cool!

I was going to bring a group, but everyone else chickened out because of the snow. I had also planned to meet a couple of online pals at the show, but that didn't happen either. Still, it was totally worth it.

Chris signed a Sealab DVD for me. I'm pondering sending it to Atlanta and bugging the rest of the crew to scribble on it as well.

In other news, after 20 years on the scene, text zine Phrack is officially closed for business. I'm sorry to see them go as they have been a part of hacker culture for longer than I have, but they haven't really been fun to read for the past ten years or so. Interesting, educational, but not fun.

5 Responses to “White kids love hip hop…”

  1. PURDooM says:

    Love the blog title, I used the same one on

  2. Murd0c says:

    Yeah, you'll go to a MC Chris concert during a snowstorm. But you were about to balk on 2600 that December over like 7 inches of snow?

    I'm gonna cut you, fool.

  3. Rob says:

    Murd0c, I'm gonna get you a stepladder, so you can jump up my nose.

  4. pete says:

    So, what is fun to read?

  5. Leo says:

    Phrack isn't officially closed. It's going to be around until June of 2007. Their website says that issue #63 will be the last one and that the deadline for article is in June. The site also says that the site will be up for the next 2 years. Somebody might take over the zine in that period so I think that it's too early to predict Phrack's death.

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