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January 24, 2005

He will be missed.

Rob @ 11:48 PM

I'll let Andy Ihnako do the talking here, he put this into words far better than I could have...

With Carson's passing, an entire generation of young adults have suddenly become Old. There's an entire generation behind us that never saw "The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson." We will try - with embarrassing and dithering enthusiasm - to explain what the show was like and we'll fail. Completely. No doubt part of that's due to the fact that our childhoods are so deeply infused with memories of The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson. The first time my parents and I were in the same room laughing at the same thing, we were watching The Tonight Show together. Some years later, our bedtimes were defined by the start or the end of the monologue. That's some powerful mojo, and those kinds of memories are shared by nearly everybody who was born before 1980.

I'll always remember the rare privilege of staying up late with my grandfather, watching Johnny step through those awesome curtains, and launching into a monologue I only half-got as a child. What I really loved were the skits... Karnak, Aunt Blabby, Floyd Turbo, and other characters I'll always dig.

I'd usually fall asleep or get sent to bed before he started interviewing people.

Here's an mp3 of a classic Carson sketch... Jack Webb (Joe Friday of "Dragnet") and Carson deadpanning a Dragnet sketch to end all Dragnet sketches.

4 Responses to “He will be missed.”

  1. 31337 says:

    Yeah, it sucks, I never saw it when it was new, but I've seen some.
    Adult Swim has been giving a tribute to him which I think is great.

  2. Thank You and Goodnight...
    The old school The Tonight Show's host, Johnny Carson, died Sunday as you have prob. already heard. Just wanting to say he wil be missed.

  3. Sergey says:

    Testes 1... 2... 3?

  4. Gonzo says:

    Johnny did something else that no one else will ever be able to do, and that bring royalty into our homes. Look at all the names he had on: The Rat Pack members, George Burns, etc. It was a good time that will be sorely missed. Rest well, Johnny.

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