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January 21, 2005

Viva la scalp!

Rob @ 9:04 PM

While walking home today, I figured the one thing the world needs is to see more of my scalp than my already faulty genetics dictate.

So, here's me buzzed down to a #1.

Take that, chromosomes from dad's side of the family!

January 20, 2005

MC Chris ownz!

Rob @ 2:24 AM

Just got back from the MC Chris show. After meeting Chris and John in person, I can honestly say they couldn't be any cooler if you fed them an igloo. Same goes for my fellow MC Chris fans. Thanks, everyone!

More details later, now I go to sleep.

Pics will be much later, since I still have enough shots left on my recyclable digital camera from CVS that it's worth saving until the Saturday show at Arlenes Grocery.

January 19, 2005

His backpack's got jets…

Rob @ 7:22 AM

Going to The Continental tonight to catch MC Chris doing a few songs. (He's not on the scedule, but his set is at 11PM.) Go me!

January 18, 2005

Triumvirate? Sure, I'll try anything.

Rob @ 10:03 PM

In my recent eBay victory, the seller's first name is Vincent.

The toy robot for sale, a model of one from the old Disney scifi masterpiece The Black Hole, is named V.I.N.Cent.

I feel there's something I should fill in as a magic third fact, something that would reveal the significance of the harmonic convergence that is this transaction... but it slips my mind. Sorry.

January 17, 2005


Rob @ 7:08 AM

I do like my Apple stuff, but this is still worth a chuckle...

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