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May 30, 2005


Rob @ 11:41 PM

Had a great day in Manhattan with Leo, Sergey, Murd0c, and Mike. It was exactly what I needed, thanks guys!

I got a PBX out of the trash. Wish I had a way to test the damn thing.. but if nothing else, it looks badass on my shelf.

Nice train ride home, with a pretty LIRR lady who Murd0c accidentally called "dude."

Train Lady: "Did you just dude me?"

When I got off the train and went down to street level, I saw a woman apparently in her late 50s/early 60s panning a flashlight around. Not too surprising that she had one, since this was under a train station at around 10:30 PM. Hoping to put her at ease about myself if nothing else, I smiled and wished her a polite good evening as I walked past... and somehow ended up walking a the streets with her deep in conversation for an hour or so. It started off nice enough, with her explaining that she was carrying a flashlight for safety, her teaching job in the 1980s, the local educational system and how screwed it is, why I never went to college and the options available to me if I ever change my mind, local libraries, and her kids... but things took a different turn when she started talking about how restaurants were putting drugs in her food, the minister in a local church might be working under an assumed name, and her actual job as a "double-o" who faxed something important to the President just this morning in between her neghbors knocking clean clothes off her line and bus drivers refusing to let her ride with an IOU for the fare.

All in all, one of the most fascinating conversations I've had with a stranger in a long time. One of the last things I said to her was (and this is true) that it gives me hope for the world that there are people like her in it.

6 Responses to “w00t”

  1. Sergey says:

    I don't know, man. Schizophrenia's a pretty fucked up disease and not much entertainment for such people.

  2. rob says:

    I'm quite familiar with schizophrenia patients. She didn't feel like one at all, I truly believe it was something else..

  3. Sergey says:

    Of course, she could've been telling the truth...

  4. worm3rd says:

    The truth?
    You can't handle the truth!
    As you've so finely demonstrated =P

  5. RBCP says:

    Did you happen to get a picture of this woman? I think it may have been my mom.

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