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June 24, 2005


Rob @ 10:28 PM

The delightful Auntie Krizu put up a meme wherein she would doodle your livejournal interests for you.

My mind in a doodle
Here be the explanation..

That is SO me!!

I liked this so much that I'm spreading the meme. Comment on this post (LJ readers: please use the top link to leave the comment on my actual blog rather than the livejournal feed) with your name, and in a future post will be a doodle for you based on your LJ interests (or, if you don't have a livejournal, just on what I know about you.)

My scanner's loaned out at the moment, so I reserve the right to doodle digitally rather than manually.

In other news, I followed Mistress Mousey's lead and...
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5 Responses to “OMGSQUEEE!!!!#$%^”

  1. Krz says:

    Doodle me, omg!!1

  2. Murd0c says:

    Plz 2 d0 meeeeee.

  3. Ann says:

    ohh, I would like a doodle please.

  4. maryeve says:

    DO ME! DO ME! ;-D

  5. droid says:

    Hello! *waves* Do me baybee one more time.

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