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July 31, 2005

"The right people will get it."

Rob @ 9:57 PM

Among other things Louis Fowler is a radio poobah, DJ, and all-around awesome dude. Don't hold the fact that he occasionally puts my work on the air against him, as he has written a mighty manifesto which is definitely worth a read if you've ever liked a song that someone else hasn't, and been the victim of music snobbery.

Dipping a toe..

Rob @ 2:11 PM

Observations gleaned from the mission which restored my Internet access...

I like my new router. It's a Linksys, and looks like an alien robot bug, like in *batteries not included. That alone is worth the extra twenty.

Livejournal friends lists are fun, but after "skip=100" things get a bit tedious. If anything important happened to any of you before than, you'll just have to, I don't know, actually tell me or something.

When I resumed my incomplete eMule downloads that had sat for a week, I realized I didn't really want almost half of them anymore.

Installing a new NIC felt a bit refreshing.. so I went along with that and took apart the old machine, cleaned and reseated everything, tweaked a few things I'd been meaning to for ages, and gave it a new name and a gender/species change. "Marlene" has regenerated into "Frobisher" (who, incidentally, is a Doctor Who character I play on a crazygonuts RP board, and happen to be working on a fic about. A fanboy is me.)

Circuit Sidney security will follow you around if you're wearing the HOPE5 shirt with the security camera print.

As it turns out, generic routers from the opened-box clearance bin at CompUSA which cost around $25 and run hotter than the grill at Mel's Diner actually won't last more than three years or so.

802.11g + WEP = neat.

This is precisely the sort of thing I really missed most about the Internet.

Thanks, I think…

Rob @ 3:38 AM

While cleaning out a week's worth of backlogged emails. I found one from someone informing me that I have an entry in Wikipedia.

I'm flattered (in a weird way) and weirded out (in a flattered way) by this. But it does bring forth a dilemma for me.

While I find no errors in this entry, I could certainly tweak a few things and add to it a bit, being more than a bit familiar with the subject matter... but what's the etiquette here? Would it be pushing it for me to contribute to Wikipedia regarding myself? I'm not sure the Internet really needs even more of my ego cluttering it up than it already has.

Granted, I could have some fun with this, for better or worse.. but the little cartoon angel and devil on my shoulders are currently giving me nothing but the same dumbfounded expression I'm already wearing.

I'll leave it alone for now, I guess...

I just wonder who started it. Come forward, my odd GNU-referencing fan known only as i8myh3d! Anybody who likes Super Mario and Mick Foley is okay by me.

July 28, 2005

I ate'nt ded

Rob @ 9:32 PM

I've been offline for a week or so, heading out to replace some cat5 and a NIC tomorrow night. Should be back soon.

July 16, 2005

On spoilers..

Rob @ 10:34 AM

EDIT: Yep, it's a goof, and a brilliant one at that.

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