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August 21, 2005


Rob @ 3:17 PM

Lost my mobile phone yesterday morning. Had to shut it off and get a replacement, which will take however long that takes. Until then, I am phoneless.

If you called or txted me this weekend, I didn't get it.

I'll try and leave AIM running, screenname Rob T Firefly, although that's hardly a replacement.

On the plus side, I am living up to that "phone loser" label.

August 17, 2005

That was cool!

Rob @ 1:50 AM

Finally, after years and years of knowing him online, goofing around on mailing lists, and eventually MCing a panel celebrating his work at HOPE5, met this guy in person. It was lots of fun, the Carter kids rock, him and Jammie are super sweet in that cute-couple-y sort of way, and I finally got to give him the original copy of a drawing I've been meaning to mail him for about three years.

Later, saw "The Aristocrats" with Fina and the twins. It's stuff like that that really gets me hyped about going into comedy.

Will write more perhaps when I'm less asleep.

August 10, 2005

Woo again!!!

Rob @ 6:14 AM

Happy brithday to Katie!!!

August 9, 2005


Rob @ 9:23 PM

Happy birthday Kris!!!

August 7, 2005

Space LJ

Rob @ 10:16 AM

Even astronauts can be cam whores!

You'd do the same thing, admit it..

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