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September 28, 2005


Rob @ 5:54 PM

Today started with fellow Scorpio Squad member Netta bringing me along to a job fair. I'd never been to one of those before, and it was pretty much as I expected.

There were tons of booths set up offering a veritable cornucopia of choices of diverse career opportunities.. as long as you wanted to sell stuff.

"Hi, welcome to Aflac! We're the number one provider of guaranteed-renewable insurance in the United States. In January 2005, Aflac was included in Fortune magazine's list of the 100 Best Companies to Work For in America for the seventh consecutive year! We employ thousands of customer sevice specialists, database engineers, and accounting experts.

"Sounds cool, what jobs could I apply for?

"Wanna sell insurance?"

"Hi, we're Verizon Wireless! Boasting a huge national network, we employ thousands of network specialists, engineers, hardware and software developers, repair persons, customer service specialists, troubleshooters, and so on."

"Neat, what sort of positions can I apply for?"

"Wanna sell telephones?"

"Hi, we're Newsday, Long Island's most popular newspaper. We employ hundreds of reporters, graphic artists, photographers, layout designers, fact-checkers, printers, web designers, software developers, network engineers, and so on. We also organize and run this entire job fair."

"Great, so what kind of career opportunities could I find with you?"

"Wanna sell newspapers?"

"Hi, welcome to Bloomingdales!"

"Forget it."

I did come home to a couple of good prospects, though. Tomorrow I interview at a place literally two blocks from my house. Whatever positions they have open, it's an easy commute.

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