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October 17, 2005

Tom Cruise REALLY wants to play baseball with his son…

Rob @ 10:00 PM

mistranslated War of the Worlds bootleg subtitles

October 15, 2005

Interesting article from angelinasucks on LJ:

Rob @ 7:20 PM

Condi, Hillary, and … Angelina?
When celebrities act like politicians, and politicians act like celebrities.

From TFA:

I don't know whether Angelina Jolie is smart, smart for Hollywood, or not smart even by Hollywood standards. I do know, because I watched her speech, that she doesn't have much to say about AIDS. Her message to the assembled businesspeople and politicians was that we all must do more to fight this terrible disease. In particular, Jolie pressured the audience to pressure CEOs to pressure politicians to do more. When they have no idea what to do, celebs tell other people to tell other people what to do.

October 13, 2005

Damaged Hearing on demand!

Rob @ 7:29 PM

Your Friendly Neighborhood Louis, the kickass radio poobah at KRFC Radio in Colorado who sometimes puts my silly work on the air (but has awesome taste in music otherwise) has put last Tuesday's show up for download.

Here's the playlist, and here's the two-hours'-worth of MP3 goodness.

Go listen, dammit!

October 7, 2005


Rob @ 11:04 PM

Missed work and 2600 today thanks to a damn migraine. Blorg.

The free time went to good use, though, as I do believe I've finally adjusted the layout of my dj-ing site into something that's actually a teeny bit navigable.

I also relented to public opinion and added ZIP-compressed downloads of my Beastie Boys mashup album alongside the RAR ones. Happy now, you cross-platform-loving public, you?

October 4, 2005


Rob @ 7:45 PM


Model your old dress for the small price of ten years of therapy for your son

See the Blessed Mother hanging out in someone's womb

Help hurricane victims by purchasing a layer of grime from Britney's feet

All this and more can be yours, at the Dark Side of eBay.

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