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November 25, 2005

Runaway Meme…

Rob @ 10:04 PM

After this song came up in my random playlist, I was inspired to create a small tribute to the world's tragically lost Internet memes.

Once both the sound and the image have loaded completely, hit "refresh" or "go" on your browser to synchronize it.

Familiarity with well-meaning early 90s light rock and the weirder things to come out of the Net in the past decade or so are helpful.

November 24, 2005

Rob @ 5:06 PM

Happy Thanksgiving where applicable!

Here's a post in a friend's blog that is well worth a read in its entriety.

There's a lot I'm grateful for in this world, and that includes all you people who actually read the blather I post, here and elsewhere.

Thank you!

November 22, 2005

Yay Internets!

Rob @ 12:40 AM

Unflattering photograph of the President

What happens to said photograph when you let Sarah601 loose on it

In other news, this new AT&T logo is shite.

November 20, 2005

Mashup roundup

Rob @ 5:18 AM

Here are a few mashups/bootlegs/bastardizations I'm enjoying immensely just now..

Challaback Girl - this frail white girl from California has been Hindu, Japanese, and gangsta.. why not Jewish? djBC keeps Gwen Kosher.

Q Unit - Queen meets 50 Cent, makes 50 Cent actually listenable. A full-length album of goodness.

Jesus Walked Back and He's Black - Kanye West and AC/DC.

The Ciccones - The Immaculate Concoction - Full album of Madonna vs everyone.

Burn Your Radio - Public Enemy meets Queen, with other good stuff layered in.

Supercalibreakz - Supercalifragilistic(etc.) layed over "Rolling" by Shy FX, fun in that way only bastardized D_sney can be.

Come Undone vs Soldier - Duran Duran can even make Destiny's Child listenable.

For much more, check out GYBO!

Speaking of GYBO, there's an awesome and huge video file going around - the Club GYBO Plan B mix by Thriftshop XL - lots of video-mashes, remixed video and audio re-remixed together, and just plain video insanity in a non-stop 45-minute-long mix. Seriously awesome, check it out of you have the bandwidth and disk space to handle a 133 meg WMV file.

November 18, 2005

Spiny creature and your mum

Rob @ 7:24 PM

Two of the best pictures on the Internet, from the latest issue of the b3ta zine...

Hedgehog eating a Milano cookie! Aww, the cuuuuuteness!

British supermarket Tescos recommends incest! Aww, the accidental obscenity!

My pal Arbie's old McDonalds sign prank also made the issue. Neat!

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