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November 20, 2005

Mashup roundup

Rob @ 5:18 AM

Here are a few mashups/bootlegs/bastardizations I'm enjoying immensely just now..

Challaback Girl - this frail white girl from California has been Hindu, Japanese, and gangsta.. why not Jewish? djBC keeps Gwen Kosher.

Q Unit - Queen meets 50 Cent, makes 50 Cent actually listenable. A full-length album of goodness.

Jesus Walked Back and He's Black - Kanye West and AC/DC.

The Ciccones - The Immaculate Concoction - Full album of Madonna vs everyone.

Burn Your Radio - Public Enemy meets Queen, with other good stuff layered in.

Supercalibreakz - Supercalifragilistic(etc.) layed over "Rolling" by Shy FX, fun in that way only bastardized D_sney can be.

Come Undone vs Soldier - Duran Duran can even make Destiny's Child listenable.

For much more, check out GYBO!

Speaking of GYBO, there's an awesome and huge video file going around - the Club GYBO Plan B mix by Thriftshop XL - lots of video-mashes, remixed video and audio re-remixed together, and just plain video insanity in a non-stop 45-minute-long mix. Seriously awesome, check it out of you have the bandwidth and disk space to handle a 133 meg WMV file.

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