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November 17, 2005


Rob @ 1:12 AM

Have had a damn headache for three days now, and can't ditch work. MY HEAD A SPLODE.

Saw this on Ilya's blog and, well, insomnia makes me do bad things.

In another example, its-a me!

November 13, 2005

My new favorite webcomic

Rob @ 9:04 PM

Dear readers, if I may humbly direct you to..

Awkward Hand Turkey Theatre.

Be sure to check out the archives. Genius!!

I sent the author a fan mail, and he replied that it was his first one. I'm sure it was only the first of many.

November 12, 2005

It's not quite Linkin Park time yet…

Rob @ 1:21 PM

Words of wisdom from the wonderful Babs...

But overall, life is good. There's always something to smile over, to laugh about...(and when there isn't something overt, damn it, I'm going to make something to laugh over). I feel down too, sometimes, but that's to be expected. Life isn't even; it's more like an averaging. ;) And as long as my average comes out in the normal range, I'm grateful.

Four weeks of years

Rob @ 1:20 AM

As of 3:58 AM EST, I'm 28.

Thought I had the hang of this birthday stuff, but I'm not so sure.

Feels different this time..

November 8, 2005


Rob @ 11:43 PM

A recent post by Paul has reminded me how much I love it when people fail at spamming.

For example, sometimes the spammers misconfigure their mail scripts so instead of filling in a name to appear legit, the message literally says "Hey %NAME%, check this out!"

Yep, I'll be sure to check that out, %KNOB%...

There are also the ones that actually advertise spamming tools or spammable email lists. They spam people, pissing almost all of them off with senseless and time-consuming spam, in hopes that they will then want to pay you to help them do the same thing to other people.

This is pretty much like going up to some guy on the street, belting him across the face with a curtain rod, and then offering to sell him a bunch of curtain rods with which to belt everyone else on said street. I can't really see this particular business model doing all that well.

A personal favorite of mine is when people try to intimidate me by posing as an admin at one of my own domains. I know this could fool a newbie who doesn't own their domain, but it's just silly when I'm threatened by "" with messages like "WARNING you are unporctected and will lose of your online connection unless you run of attached file" which is of course a virus.

I'd like to think if I were going to start threatening myself, I'd at least do it in clearly written sentences, and with a bit more style.

You really have to feel sorry for someone who fails at being a spammer, nearly the lowest form of life on the Internet. There's just not much further to fall.

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