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December 31, 2005


Rob @ 4:24 PM

I feel like crap. Throat, lungs, and sinuses are not being at all cooperative. Think I may have a bug, which means any and all social-type New Year's plans are cancelled, and instead will have to spend it at home being sick.

On the plus side, I'm making a bit of progress on a new mashup album. I just hope this stuff sounds as good after my head has stopped being clogged with mucus.

December 24, 2005

Jingly jangly jingly

Rob @ 2:15 PM

Hope everyone had/is having/will have a fantastic holiday season!

Awesome alert: Your Friendly Neighborhood Louis has put up another of his famous mixes. Become the next victim of his War On Xmas!

Yes, there is another issue of WTH in the works. I'm aiming close to New Year's Day for a release date, so if you'd like to get a letter in, you've got another few days.

Leia Bunny and Grey had a falling out, and Leia is hanging out at my place until Grey cools off and comes to her senses.

This is what happens when I get let loose on eBay. I wonder if there's a Sylvester McCoy sweater-vest support group...

December 20, 2005

Long survey from everyone’s LJ…

Rob @ 10:46 PM

long survey without stupid questions
name::: Rob
age::: 28
birthday::: 11-12-77
zodiac sign::: Scorpio. For those playing along at home, a Sagittarius Moon and Libra rising.
height::: 5'11"
weight::: A bit more than I need, but I'm comfortable with that.
shoe size::: 11, or 10 1/2 W
any piercings?: No.
any tattoos?: Not yet, but I'm designing possibities.
glasses/contacts::: Reading glasses.
do you have braces?: Never did.
hair color::: Dark brown flecked with grey.
eye color::: Dark brown.
race/heritage::: Caucasian, mostly Italian-American.
color::: Green.
person::: Too many to list. My best friend is Grey.
band::: Information Society.
tv show::: Doctor Who.
movie::: Duck Soup.
number::: 47
day of the week::: Saturday.
season::: Winter.
place::: Earth.
sport::: Super Nintendo.
singer::: Kurt Harland.
book::: Too many to list. Right now I'm reading some Isaac Asimov essays, a Dr Who book, and some Witchcraft stuff..
month: They all have their points. I usually like November, but this past one was rough.
flower::: Bleeding hearts.
candy::: White chocolate or black licorice.
ice cream flavor::: Something with cookie bits.
restaurant::: Someplace I've never been.
actor::: Groucho Marx.
actress::: Eddie Izzard.
animal::: Fireflies, oddly enough.
drink::: Orange juice.
website::: Right now LJ, for being where I keep up with most of my friends and feeds and stuff.
instrument::: Cool Edit Pro.
planet::: Claire.
ceral::: Raisin bran, with tons of fruit and an obscene amount of sugar added.
store::: Yard sales, thrift shops, eBay, my coven's gift shop.
cartoon character::: Captain Murphy. *snif*
body part::: Braaaaains!!!!
video game::: FF7 or FF8, depending on my mood. Also Super Mario 3, and of course Tetris.
your first word was::: The first word I knew was "unh", but I didn't know how to spell it.
the age of your first kiss was::: 18. Yes, I know.
your first time was::: 18. Yes, I still know.
the name and age of your first love was::: Personal.
have you ever...
gotten drunk::: No.
done drugs::: Not apart from becoming unintentionally zonked on the codeine I was given when I had my wisdom teeth pulled.
had sex::: Yes.
done a threesome::: No.
been jelous of a friend::: I guess so.
been suicidal::: No.
been homicidal::: Only when I watch Fox News.
stole something::: Yes.
fallen in love with a friend and couldn't tell them::: Yes.
wrecked a car::: No, but I did punch and break a windshield.
been held back a grade::: No.
lost a friendship over something stupid::: Anything that breaks up a friendship is stupid on some level.
been single for more than a year without wanting to be::: Yes.
dumped someone cause you were sick of them::: The one time I had to do the dumping, that was why.
broken a bone::: No.
been in a serious fight::: Yes.
been do depressed it was hard to get up in the morning::: Yes.
cried over someone::: Yes.
had a friend who died young::: Too many.
had to go to a funeral of someone you really loved::: Far too many.
this or that
winter/summer: Winter.
rebirth/death: I don't see a difference.
coke/pepsi: Both overrated.
hot tub/pool: Depends on the company.
dream/reality: They both have their functions. Each can help illuminate the other.
cat/dog: Both, but right now I just have two cats.
flowers/candy: Flowers in nature, candy as a gift. I wonder how quickly the flower industry would crumble if all women realized the subtext of being given a plant's sex organs by their date.
comedy/tragedy: Comedy, but they both have their places. Even tragedy has comedic aspects.
your view on
politics::: Politics are there to keep the people who want to change the world too busy arguing to do so.
god::: I believe we are all one with God/Goddess/however else you refer to the Divine/all that is. Separation from such is an illusion we're meant to outgrow.
gay marrige::: Yes. It's ridiculous that this is even an issue. Future generations will lump this in with slavery and women's rights in the "took those damn fools long enough" category.
magick::: In my belief and practice it's an expression of the Divine, and as such it's involved in every aspect of my life.
love::: Every choice in life can be boiled down to love or fear, and fear is an illusion based on belief of separation from God. All that's real is love.
evolution::: It has, does, and will continue to happen, regardless of what they let them teach in certain schools.
aliens::: It'd be a terrible waste of space if there weren't. I'd guess they're waiting until we straighten our own shit out before saying hi, though, so don't hold your breath.
abortions::: I won't venture any opinion on this until I either become a potential father or grow a womb.
karma: I believe in karma like I believe in trees - it's something I have much direct evidence and deep personal and practical experience of.
fate::: Nothing is written in stone and you have free will, but everything does work out for the best. Even the supreme fuckups one makes have their purpose and lessons to teach us.
legalizing marijuana::: Legalize and tax the crap out of it and, like the cigarette industry, it'll die out as our boneheaded society slowly realizes how useless it is in life.
the afterlife::: Been there, done that, will do it again.
do you have
more than 50 cd's?: Yes.
a car?: No.
a motercycle?: No.
a job?: Yes.
more than 10 pairs of pants?: No.
more than 15 shirts?: Yes.
more than 8 pairs of shoes?: No, I'm a heterosexual male.
gay/bi/straight::: Straight.
are you dating someone?: Not currently.
if so for how long?:
do you love them?:
whats your favorite things about their personality?:
do they have any flaws in their personality?:
whats your favorite thing about their looks?:
what your least favorite thing about their looks?:
friends::: Grey, Murd0c, my coven, all you great people who read / look at / listen to / otherwise dig my work, the PLA folks, NYC2600, the Dr Who nuts, too many others to list...
faimly members::: My sisters Fina and Jo, my mom, my late grandfather, and that's about it.
pets::: My current cats are Patty and Hitch-hike.
do you love yourself?: You saw that???
if you were a mythical creature what would it be?: A renegade Time Lord.
if you had a wish....: Standard wish for more wishes.
anything else not mentioned?: My socks never match.
Take this survey | Find more surveys
You've been totally Bzoink*d

Woo and yay to the happy couple!

Rob @ 1:35 AM

Congratulations, Amy and Joe!

Office MacGyverism

Rob @ 1:04 AM

This morning at work, a button came off my shirt. Since nobody in that office needs to see my hairy chest unless the song "Rico Suave" is on, I came up with a quick fix you too can use to survive an offce-type button-reattachment situation..

A) Cut the red string from one of those recloseable inter-office envelopes.

2) Straighten one leg of a staple, and fold the other leg tightly over the middle of the string.

d) Use this makeshift needle-and-thread to throw a stitch or two through the button and reattach it. It helps to use the holes already in the fabric from the old thread.

&) Tie the string off on the inside, snip the excess, and you're good to go.

€) Optionally, use a pen on the stitches to match dark thread and make you look slightly less stupid, you button-losing office twunt.

Later at lunch I had the worst split-pea soup ever made. It was much better after I crushed a bag of crunchy cheetos and mixed them in, which I think spoiled the appetite of the stodgy-looking businessman sitting at the next table over. Good for me!

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