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December 20, 2005

Office MacGyverism

Rob @ 1:04 AM

This morning at work, a button came off my shirt. Since nobody in that office needs to see my hairy chest unless the song "Rico Suave" is on, I came up with a quick fix you too can use to survive an offce-type button-reattachment situation..

A) Cut the red string from one of those recloseable inter-office envelopes.

2) Straighten one leg of a staple, and fold the other leg tightly over the middle of the string.

d) Use this makeshift needle-and-thread to throw a stitch or two through the button and reattach it. It helps to use the holes already in the fabric from the old thread.

&) Tie the string off on the inside, snip the excess, and you're good to go.

€) Optionally, use a pen on the stitches to match dark thread and make you look slightly less stupid, you button-losing office twunt.

Later at lunch I had the worst split-pea soup ever made. It was much better after I crushed a bag of crunchy cheetos and mixed them in, which I think spoiled the appetite of the stodgy-looking businessman sitting at the next table over. Good for me!

One Response to “Office MacGyverism”

  1. Paul DeLong says:

    Serves him right! That's what he gets for being stodgy-looking!

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