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December 24, 2005

Jingly jangly jingly

Rob @ 2:15 PM

Hope everyone had/is having/will have a fantastic holiday season!

Awesome alert: Your Friendly Neighborhood Louis has put up another of his famous mixes. Become the next victim of his War On Xmas!

Yes, there is another issue of WTH in the works. I'm aiming close to New Year's Day for a release date, so if you'd like to get a letter in, you've got another few days.

Leia Bunny and Grey had a falling out, and Leia is hanging out at my place until Grey cools off and comes to her senses.

This is what happens when I get let loose on eBay. I wonder if there's a Sylvester McCoy sweater-vest support group...

3 Responses to “Jingly jangly jingly”

  1. C4bl3Fl4m3 says:

    Very, very nice. if you find a Silvester McCoy sweater-vest support group, see if you can find a Mad Scientist goggles/glasses group. Oh, and a Doc Ock coats group. I think I need to join. :)

    I hope you had a good Yule! Wish I was spending time with you and teh bunny.

  2. Courtney says:

    A Presaged Death [3:11 AM]: OMG!
    A Presaged Death [3:11 AM]: You know my friend Rob T Firefly? On LJ?
    MICHELE4063 [3:11 AM]: yeah
    A Presaged Death [3:11 AM]: He got me a paid account for 6 months on LJ.
    A Presaged Death [3:11 AM]: That is so sweet of him!
    MICHELE4063 [3:11 AM]: oh thats nice...I like him very much
    A Presaged Death [3:11 AM]: Yeah.. he's awesome
    MICHELE4063 [3:12 AM]: he always sends me such nice emails when im depressed
    A Presaged Death [3:12 AM]: Aww really?
    MICHELE4063 [3:12 AM]: yeah, even gave me his cell phone number
    A Presaged Death [3:12 AM]: He mailed me a present a few weeks ago. A Queen DVD and he burned two CD's and sent such a nice letter.
    A Presaged Death [3:12 AM]: Aw
    MICHELE4063 [3:13 AM]: ive never called it, but it was a nice jesture all the same
    A Presaged Death [3:13 AM]: Yeah he's seriously ridiculously awesome. I really wanna give him a hug right now :( But I can't.

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