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January 21, 2006

What if Dr Who had starred the Marx Brothers?

Rob @ 10:20 PM

"Nah, they wasa somethin' else. Aliena monsters, witha these great bigga heads, whaddya call.."

The Doctor arched his eyebrows in thought. "Well, let's see.. big heads.." He began to count off on his fingers. "You've got your Ogrons, your Sontarans, your Sea Devils-"

"I'ma no see nothing."

The Doctor blinked. "I'm fine, how are you? Don't answer that, I don't wanna know. Now, as I was saying, you've got Ogrons, Sontarans, Sea Devils-"

"Where?" interrupted Chicolini, looking around the console room. "I donna see no devils."

"Well if you ever do, invite yourself over for dinner, would you? Stay a while." The Doctor rolled his eyes. "Look, I'm talking about the Sea Devils, the underwater monsters on Earth. They're related to the Silurians."

"Silly what?" Chicolini looked slightly more baffled than normal.

"Silurians! You remember the Silurians, don't you? Back on Earth? In the 1970s? Silurians??"

Chicolini smiled. "Oh, sure! I likea that song. 'Silurian The Sky Witha Diamonds.'"

The Doctor sighed heavily. "Well, no need to Beatle a dead horse."

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  1. warinbabylon says:

    Hi! Love the story, Rob. Works well. :D

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