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February 23, 2006

Movie sign!

Rob @ 9:23 PM

It's quite early yet, but I've got something of a plan stewing in my head for this year's Renaissance Faire. For at least one day, I want to get some people together and show up dressed not in period costume, but as a very confused "Star Trek" crew.

Hear me out, dammit!

If we got a large enough group together, stayed totally in character at all times, and had one or more accomplices to shoot video or at least take lots of stills, this could be insanely fun. If any of my local pals want to get in a day of scanning knights with tricorders, phasering jesters, and flirting with the strange locals, by all means drop me a line sometime between now and August.

Back to the present, some guy was selling bootlegs on the bus home yesterday, so I dropped a fiver on "Final Destination 3." I just watched it with Fina, over what Pizza Hut calls a "thin crust pizza," and I call a "matzoh covered in cheese, sauce, and pepperoni."

Yay for 25-year-old high school students with receding hairlines and/or breast implants dying in creative ways! Neither Fina nor myself have seen the other two in the series, but we got a kick out of this one. MSTies will recognize the entire cast's constant reliance on Kathy Ireland's trademarked "dull surprise" method of acting.

It's the sort of movie that was fun once, and I'll probably never watch again. I let Fina keep the disc.

February 15, 2006

How awesome is this???

Rob @ 10:44 PM

Pillow Fight NYC this Saturday.

Who wants to go?

Of the Federation Starship Enterprise

Rob @ 12:58 AM


February 14, 2006

Feb 14

Rob @ 8:01 AM

Happy Violent Times Day.

February 12, 2006

Free mental scars!

Rob @ 8:06 PM

Because there was a blizzard today, and I wanted to get a photo set like this done while I'm still relatively young...

Winter defiance!

No apologies! Muahahahaha...

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