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March 30, 2006

I aten't ded

Rob @ 9:00 PM

Yep, I've been slacking off terribly on the blog front. But, there's good reason for that. I've got a few projects I'm throwing myself into at the moment, and have a lot going on besides.

First things first: my primary email address,, has gotten amazingly clogged with spam over the years. It currently gets about 200-300 junk mails a day that my filters catch, and a couple dozen more that I have to zap as I'm reading. So, I'm going to kill that address off in a month. My new catch-all multipurpose Swiss-army address is simple enough..

  • mail at
  • robvincent
  • dot net.

Please update your address books, records, and memory cells.

Second things second: I need beta-testers for a new series of remixes I'm playing with for a future podcast. If interested, please get in touch!

Third things fourth: Fooled you!

Fourth things third: My long-delayed new zine issue is going to continue being delayed, but I swear it is not dead. I have some cool stuff in store for the next one. It's just not ready yet. So, you have more time if you wish to get a letter in.

Fifth things next: I'm not unemployed or anything, but due to a few recent upheavals in my 9-to-5 I'm officially redoubling my efforts in my search for a new gig.

Last things last: I love you all.

March 15, 2006

Audio blabbage

Rob @ 8:02 PM

For those of you who use Skype and are sufficiently hurting for urbane conversation, clever japery and rapier wit, or extreme overuse of the word "snot," my username there is rob_t_firefly.

Hooray for combining a hugely complex personal computer, the miracle of home broadband Internet connection, and an uncomfortable earpiece to create a marginally interesting telephone!

March 1, 2006


Rob @ 8:25 AM

This past weekend I had the privilege of being host to Cableflame and Groupie on their New York vacation. Those two rock the hardcore beats, and a good time was had by all.

We hit up the New York Comic Con on Sunday. Didn't get to do much except spend lots of money in the dealer's room, but I did score some awesome additions to my collections. I also met my new favorite superhero.

Taking a break from everything in order to hang with my pals was well worth it, but it did make me wonder if I'm overextending myself a bit lately. The latest issue of my zine has passed a couple months' worth of deadlines, I've started a new mashup album as well as another musical project for this thing, I've got a few fics I'm writing, and a couple of features and additions to this very website fighting for attention.

Chilling out, GOOD. Burning out, BAD.