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April 16, 2006


Rob @ 6:06 PM

Patty's fine, just some soft tissue damage in her paw. She's on painkillers and an antibiotic for a while.

The bathroom door is also reassembled. The new scars in the wooden frame really give it some character.

In other news, all my fellow graphics nuts should check out this insanely massive photoshop. (via b3ta)


Rob @ 4:31 PM

Happy Easter/Passover/everything else applicable!

Last night my sisters Jo and Fina, my good pal/Fina's main squeeze Sergey, and I went to the Albion/Batcave.

The bouncer carded Fina, and noticed that it was her 18th birthday. He then admonished Jo and I for bringing her there for her birthday, and corrupting her so soon. When I replied that she doesn't usually get out of the house, as we normally keep her in the basement making wallets, he brightly offered to kick all our asses for Fina, for only a hundred dollars. I replied it was a ripoff, since I know at least a dozen people who would kick my ass for half that price.

It was a lovely evening. That place is awesome, and I'm really cheesed off that it has been here all this time, yet I've somehow never been there before. I just may have a new favorite club. Plans are in the works for future expeditions.

We danced our fool heads off until the wee hours, not getting home until around 6:30 this morning. I passed out fairly quickly. At about noon, I got kicked awake by Fina and Sergey, asking me for screwdrivers and hammers. Our cat Patty had somehow gotten her paw stuck in the frame of the bathroom door.

It turns out there was a small gap of maybe 1/8th inch in the corner of the frame, between a marble strip that separates the tiled bathroom floor with that of the kitchen, and the side of the wooden frame with the door latch. The door had been closed, Patty and Hitchhike (our other cat and Patty's arch enemy) were inside the bathroom, and the door opens inward toward them so we couldn't open it very far. Patty's paw was visible from our side, through the slightly generous one-inch gap between door and floor.

What was actually stuck in the corner crack was the innermost footpad and claw of Patty's left front paw. By the time I got to it the family had been trying to extract her for some time. Her paw was soaked with olive oil (we're Italian-American, so there's always plenty of that about,) and Sergey was trying to figure out a safe way to slice into the frame with the rotary tool on my Dremel.

To make a very long story short, we did end up getting her loose, by getting a skinny friend of Fina's to ditch his family on Easter and break and enter the bathroom via a small, basement-type window about eight feet up the wall, collaborateively disassembling much of the door frame from inside and out, and slowly snapping the door entirely off its hinges.

Our mom's now at the animal hospital with her, getting her paw x-rayed.

On the bright side, we have to get something to fill in that crack with to prevent this happoening again, which has inspired hours of jokes based on the word "caulk."

"We have to stick caulk inside it."
"We have no caulk! We're caulkless!"
"Tell mom to go out and get herself some caulk."
"We're not above paying for caulk."
"We can all share the caulk."
"Get a nice big caulk that will last a while."
"Make sure the caulk is firm."
etc., etc., etc...

Disaster and dick jokes = family bonding.

On another bright side, this did spare me from a holiday tradition of Mom's, her invitations to lapsed-Catholic-style church attendance.

"You coming to Easter mass, Rob? It's a holiday, c'mon."
"I haven't been Christian in twelve years, mom. My holidays are a month ago and two weeks from now."
"Yeah, but are you coming to mass, or what? C'mon, it's a holiday."

I really hope Patty's alright.

April 15, 2006


Rob @ 7:24 PM

Happy birthday Fina, you mutant cowboy crocodile monkey!

My dear sister is 18 today. My family is fresh out of children.

She's off shopping with her dude, and my other sister Jo and I are taking her out to a club later tonight.

And to top off a great day, the season premiere of a certain show has been leaked onto certain worldwide computer network, leaving me one of my ultimate opportunities for geeking out.

This all more than makes up for me coming out behind on income tax for the first time ever.

Back in 45 minutes!