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May 28, 2006


Rob @ 2:16 PM

I'm wrestling Space Mutiny into submission for a full-blown relaunch. I really like how it's coming out so far, but I need some input from outside. What do you all think?

May 27, 2006

Fear my foreign land.

Rob @ 7:32 PM

I'm slowly getting into a game called Cyber Nations. It's pretty similar to Nationstates, but a bit more detailed in some areas and less in others, with the added bonus of using a real map from Google.

My distaste for MORPGs is legendary, but I'm digging this so far. If any of you are into it, throw me a message! My nation is called Cactus, situated on the ruins of the legendary lost city of Roy, New Mexico. (If you're logged into the game, you can see it here.)

May 20, 2006


Rob @ 12:51 PM

I'm going with my friend Netta and my sister Fina to check out the NYC Tattoo Convention in a couple of hours. Anyone local want to meet up over there, or do something afterward? Give me a call or a text message.

(If you don't have my number, you can usually text me by emailing a plaintext-only message to firefone at me dot net, or by using the text message gadget on my Livejournal, being sure to identify yourself so I know to whom I'm dropping my docs. If you use the livejournal gadget I can't reply through that, so be doubly sure to include a phone number or email I can reply to you at.)

May 17, 2006


Rob @ 7:24 PM

Note to self: next time I post a major Internet meme, remember to delete the damn thing afterward.

In order to share it with someone I was IMing, I had chucked the 30 meg "More Cowbell" video into the folder I keep random crap in, and totally forgot about it. It recently got spidered by the search engines, which led to me-dot-net coughing up about five gigs more of bandwidth than usual in the past week.

As my own webhost, in theory I could TOS myself. I'll let me off with a warning this time.

May 11, 2006

w00ts all-round!

Rob @ 5:58 PM

My favorite band, Information Society, has re-formed!

Original singer and paragon of cool Kurt Harland decided not to rejoin, since he and his wife have a whole different brand of awesomeness to prepare for in the form of an impending baby. I'm still a huge fan of InSoc's other two thirds, Paul Robb and Jim Cassidy, and am looking way forward to checking out their new work.

So far, online InSoc fandom hasn't murdered each other yet, which is also good. I'd hate for it to end up a damn mess like rec.arts.drwho or something.