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July 30, 2006

The morning after One Night of Fire

Rob @ 7:03 AM

One Night of Fire may well have been the most awesome insane public undeground party thing I've ever been to. For a look at the goings on, people have already started putting up Flickr sets of the event. (Not my pics, I only took a few scratchy camera phone shots I may post later if they came out at all.)

Really short version, because it's now 6:40 AM, I've just got home and showered, and I have to wake up in a few hours...

  • Blundered into Brooklyn, found my way to the Brooklyn Bridge, ran into some HHH folks
  • Milled around the center of the Bidge, watched some dude climb a respectable distance up one of the support to lead the crowd in some sort of chant
  • Walked up the Brooklyn riverside in an insanely huge unit, with the NYPD looking on nervously
  • Took over the F train.. and when I say took over, I mean took over the entire train, standing room only, wherein we all got extremely hot and sweaty and had many singalongs
  • A cop rode along in our car for a bit, trying desperately to act like she didn't think the whole thing was insanely hilarious, although the patented NYPD facade of bored arrogant annoyance did crack once or twice
  • Took the F all the way to Coney Island, wherein the party turned into quite a respectable outdoor rave on the boardwalk thanks to a great big massive DJ truck that somehow happened to be there
  • After that, some fire spinners and fireaters performed their art on the pavement near the beach, while the NYPD looked on even more nervously
  • When the cops broke up the fire spinning the party moved onto the beach, and many people stripped off and went swimming. I didn't, but I really considered it. It was very hot and sweaty by that time, after the cramped subway and the Summer heat and the dancing, and anyone who knows me can tell you how much of a Summer dude I'm not...
  • Sometime on the beach I gave away the pair of drumsticks I had been rocking out on fenceposts and subway ceilings with all night, as some guy had actual drums which I was playing and some girl wanted a turn. It's cool, this is why I bring the cheap ones into the city.
  • After the cops broke that up and told people to put their damn clothes back on, the after party commenced in a nearby beachfront restaurant/bar called Ruby's. Nice place, it's a bar with fluorescent lighting. As some drunk dude mentioned, it's like being in a really fun classroom. At any rate I never drink and really don't do bars, but they had orange juice (my love for which is legendary and a mater of public record) and corn dogs (which I never crave unless I'm near them and haven't had one in a longtime, so have forgotten why I don't eat the things.) I sat by the jukebox, where a trio of women in homemade wings were doing some very interesting dances. One of them gave me her ice cream cone before she left. Harmless public anarchy, fire, outdoor dancing, beautiful winged women, and free ice cream in one night. I love this town!
  • Of course by the time I got back to Penn Station it was 3AM, and I had to wait for the 5AM "drunk train" back to Long Island. So, I got about an hours' kip sitting on the floor in a corner of the station, and passed out again on the train ride amidst woozy club kids beginning their Sunday morning hangover, and obnoxious frat boys still on the tail end of their Saturday night "drunkest twunt in the world" contest.

And now I'm here, about to sleep for a couple more hours so I can go into the City again with Grey and some friends for a last hurrah before she leaves for Vegas and then Canada again. I strongly considered staying in the City and crashing out on a bench or something, but I was covered in a layer of sweat the consistency and odor of condensed cream-of-chicken soup and really needed that shower I just took.

Goodnight now!

July 29, 2006

One night of fire!

Rob @ 5:03 PM

This promises to be fun.

July 28, 2006

HOPE pics!

Rob @ 7:04 AM

Share and enjoy!

July 27, 2006


Rob @ 7:32 AM

A) HOPE pics coming soon from Grey.

2) Via Leo - The best Japanese cartoon ever

d) Anyone into going to Coney Island to see The Warriors with me this coming Wednesday?

%) What's this I hear about free Space Mutiny swag?

July 20, 2006


Rob @ 10:02 PM

HOPE Number Six

Back on Monday!

If you're there, track me down and I'll give you something.

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