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August 31, 2006

Hey, a movie!

Rob @ 11:22 PM

First of all, thanks to all of you who sent your support after my last post. It truly means a lot to me.

On the lighter side, I've added a couple of new-old sets to my photos page. You may have seen them before if you were paying close attention. If you haven't seen them, they're new to you!!!!@#$%

In other news, Grey Frequency, Pierce Brosnan, Andy Dick, Tom Green, Bill Pullman, Seth Green, Christina Ricci, Stephen Colbert, and I have this little project in the works...

The 1 Second Film is a one-second-long art film, followed by 90 minutes of credits. The credits are populated by the film's actual crew, as well as everyone who donated toward its production. All who donate get a producer credit, and all the film's profits will be donated to the Global Fund for Women. Also playing during the credits will be a documentary on the whole thing.

I think it's a neat idea, and a worthy cause. So, I donated $19.77 (my birth year) and became one of (at last count) over 5,000 producers.

As a unique fringe benefit for a film nerd, in addition to being able to add "film producer" to my resume, I've ended up with my very own IMDb listing. Woo and yay!

August 29, 2006

Farewell, Stalin.

Rob @ 7:53 PM

About a month and a half ago, my family took in a pair of twin kittens. The were so tiny, they had to be bottle-fed. I could hold either of them in the palm of one hand.

My sister Fina named them Che and Stalin, after two of her favorite communists.

Che Stalin
Che (left) and Stalin in mid-July.

Since then Che has been strong, healthy, energetic, and lovably insane. In other words, your average kitten. He's tripled his size in six weeks. His latest achievement is rolling a half-full roll of toilet paper from the bathroom to the kitchen, and ripping the entire thing to shreds.

Stalin, however, wasn't doing well at all. His gastric tract never fully developed, leaving him mostly unable to excrete on his own. When the vets diagnosed this, they gave him a 50/50 chance. We had to take him on constant trips to the vet to manually help the process along, as well as doing what we could for him at home with medicine and other treatments. He remained sickly, and never grew much at all.

Things looked hopeful for a while, but this morning he was in a lot more pain than ever before. He couldn't even stand on his own power. All he could do, was cry. We couldn't keep him in that condition.

My mom gave me a lift to work. On the way I held him wrapped in a towel, thanked him for sharing what time he had with us, and said my goodbye. By the time we arrived at my job, he was still awake, and he had stopped crying, but his eyes were no longer seeing me. After dropping me off, mom went to the vet and had him put down.

Blessed be, Stalin. You're already missed.

August 27, 2006

ICANN't believe it.

Rob @ 9:59 PM

This is bugging me. (via Slashdot.)

For my non-technobabbly readers, basically ICANN, the supposedly neutral agency that basically runs the ability of a large chunk of the Internet to asociate domain names with the actual machine hosting its content, has confirmed the possibility of "tiered pricing" for the top-level domains under its control, namely .org, .biz, and .info.

What this means is they could charge more for some domains than others, based on arbitrary factors. In practice this will doubtless lead to popular domains being held for ransom come renewal time. Start a site, buy a shiny new domain for $8, watch it get popular, and get billed much more than $8 to keep your now-in-demand address.

I've been considering folding my zine into my personal site lately and ditching the domain, and this is certainly weighing things in favor of the idea...

On the lighter side, a torrent perfectly legitimate home recording of something just finished downloading got put in my Betamax machine, so I'm going to geek out for a bit.

August 21, 2006

Stunts, snakes, and sounds

Rob @ 1:50 AM

Saturday morning I headed out to NYC and hung around with my partner-in-crime Gonzo for a bit, before heading out to participate in an Improv Everywhere stunt that went rather well.

After that I had some time to kill, so I hopped over to Chelsea and saw Snakes on a Plane. It really was much more awesome than I expected, and I expected a lot! Hooray for the best modern-day B-movie ever made!

That night I hopped over to a party I had somehow been invited to via some mailing list or other. It was put on by an outfit called "Rubulad," at a place called 3rd Ward.

It was not really a bad party. The Extra Action Marching Band performance was amazingly unbelievably awesome. Picture a marching band, wearing costume-quality fetish gear, playing heavy marching music and ragtime that somehow had threads of industrial, jazz, goth, rock, tribal, and about a million other things braided into it, and all while threading their way through the raving crowds. Awesome stuff, and they gained a fan. So did Bradford Reed, and his awesome mutated electrical zither which he calls a "pencilina."

Apart from that, though, ithe night was generally a reminder of why I don't normally do the NYC party "scene." It was uncomfortably hot enough that I ended up throwing away an undershirt I was wearing. Most of the people were all about drinking, drugging, and trying to out-fabulous each other, and I spent most of the evening retreating from thickening clouds of pot smoke. All of my attempts at conversation were met by either chemical-soaked ramblings unfit for a Hole album, the nasal tones of a pretentious NYC art snob being deeply offended by all attempts at human contact, or just general vapidity.

Don't get me wrong, there were some genuinely nice people there, but they were mostly the bartenders and other staff. The girl who sold me my dinner off the grill outside was especially sweet.

I did get to dance a lot, which I normally love to do, but it's not half as fun when I'm sweating away half my body weight in fluids, and the only relief is either getting on the long line to the bathroom just to wash up in the sink yet again, or a $2 can of hot - not warm, but hot - cola.

Remind me never to go solo to one of these things again. It'd have been so much more fun to be able to talk to someone.

I eventually ditched that scene sometime after 2AM, and made the trek over to the subway, feeling completely drained. I did have a little bit of fun changing trains at 14th st, as an older lady noticed the drumsticks in my boot. She asked me if I was a drummer. I'm not a drummer and I told her so, I wouldn't have much of a clue of what to do if you sat me in front of a regulation drum kit, though I do like to use drumsticks to tap out rhythms on random objects, "Stomp"-style.

(This is why I had the sticks on me - I had planned to hang out in a park that morning and just do some random public noisemaking on stuff. Call it a hobby. And no, I don't put a hat out or anything - I'm not comfortable enough with it yet to consider that sort of thing. Still, in this case the best practice is public practice in front of strangers who don't feel like you owe them anything.)

The lady thought this was really cool and wanted a demonstration, so despite it being Stupid O'Clock in the morning after an utterly draining day and a half in a subway station full of people who seemed just as disappointed at their own awake status as I, I did a soft solo for her on the sides and sole of one of my boots. Anything louder and the rest of the zombies in that station might have murdered me.

After a semi-conscious hour at Penn Station it was the same old ride home on the LIRR's early-morning drunk train, which I slept through.

Today (Sunday) was a wash, as I spent the whole day fighting off a migraine which has just been getting slowly worse, which doesn't bode well for when I have to get up for work in the morning.

Which is about five hours from now.


August 16, 2006

Best spam subject EVER.

Rob @ 10:32 PM

Subject: Sexually Explicit Opt-In Get 1500 dolar for school supplies!

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