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August 27, 2006

ICANN't believe it.

Rob @ 9:59 PM

This is bugging me. (via Slashdot.)

For my non-technobabbly readers, basically ICANN, the supposedly neutral agency that basically runs the ability of a large chunk of the Internet to asociate domain names with the actual machine hosting its content, has confirmed the possibility of "tiered pricing" for the top-level domains under its control, namely .org, .biz, and .info.

What this means is they could charge more for some domains than others, based on arbitrary factors. In practice this will doubtless lead to popular domains being held for ransom come renewal time. Start a site, buy a shiny new domain for $8, watch it get popular, and get billed much more than $8 to keep your now-in-demand address.

I've been considering folding my zine into my personal site lately and ditching the domain, and this is certainly weighing things in favor of the idea...

On the lighter side, a torrent perfectly legitimate home recording of something just finished downloading got put in my Betamax machine, so I'm going to geek out for a bit.

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