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August 29, 2006

Farewell, Stalin.

Rob @ 7:53 PM

About a month and a half ago, my family took in a pair of twin kittens. The were so tiny, they had to be bottle-fed. I could hold either of them in the palm of one hand.

My sister Fina named them Che and Stalin, after two of her favorite communists.

Che Stalin
Che (left) and Stalin in mid-July.

Since then Che has been strong, healthy, energetic, and lovably insane. In other words, your average kitten. He's tripled his size in six weeks. His latest achievement is rolling a half-full roll of toilet paper from the bathroom to the kitchen, and ripping the entire thing to shreds.

Stalin, however, wasn't doing well at all. His gastric tract never fully developed, leaving him mostly unable to excrete on his own. When the vets diagnosed this, they gave him a 50/50 chance. We had to take him on constant trips to the vet to manually help the process along, as well as doing what we could for him at home with medicine and other treatments. He remained sickly, and never grew much at all.

Things looked hopeful for a while, but this morning he was in a lot more pain than ever before. He couldn't even stand on his own power. All he could do, was cry. We couldn't keep him in that condition.

My mom gave me a lift to work. On the way I held him wrapped in a towel, thanked him for sharing what time he had with us, and said my goodbye. By the time we arrived at my job, he was still awake, and he had stopped crying, but his eyes were no longer seeing me. After dropping me off, mom went to the vet and had him put down.

Blessed be, Stalin. You're already missed.

2 Responses to “Farewell, Stalin.”

  1. Sergey says:

    Stalin died?



  2. Jenn says:

    I'm sorry.

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