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October 24, 2006

Quick request

Rob @ 11:38 PM

On top of a bunch of other crap that's been going on, I lost my phone on the bus to work the other day. You'd think I was some sort of "phone loser" or something...

I just got my replacement going, but I've lost most of the phone numbers I had. If you have my number, chances are I don't have yours, so please throw me a call or a text message and identify yourself. Also, tell me who your favorite "Gilligan's Island" character was (even if you hated the show) and why.

If you don't have my number you can always text me by emailing firefone at my site, or by using the text message form on my LJ profile, just keep it text only please.

One Response to “Quick request”

  1. Diggets says:

    That sucks!

    I take it the old one wasn't bluetooth! I love using iSync to sync my phone and address book. Mmmm...

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