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November 16, 2006

Never mind that, take a card.

Rob @ 1:40 AM

I was fooling around with image software and ended up with a new desktop background.. which with a few tweaks became a web banner.. which with more tweaking became a desktop again.. which eventually became a website background.. which went right back to being a desktop again.

Then I realized I needed to get some new business cards made up, and had the idea to plaster a URL over the graphic I had been fiddling with and just use that.

This is the result so far. (Thumbnail - click to embiggen.)

Some of those blue glyphs are just placeholders until I figure out some better ones to use, but all in all I'm digging this so far.

If some mysterious strange nerdy starving artist type handed you a business card like this (with the requisite boring business card info on the flipside, of course,) would you be inspired to commision work from him, laugh at him, or poke his eyes out? Or all three?

2 Responses to “Never mind that, take a card.”

  1. I complimented it in detail but failed in math.

  2. Diggets says:

    Or maybe skip the regular business type stuff on the back? What do they need, just a phone and email? They can guess your name from the URL...

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