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November 12, 2006


Rob @ 9:41 AM

The Bodies Exhibition was amazing, it's something everyone should see if they can stomach it. It's set up in the South Street Seaport, and it had been too long since I checked that area out. You can really feel Old New York about the place.

Speaking of old things, I'm 29 today.

November 11, 2006

I see dead people.

Rob @ 12:42 AM

Tomorrow I'm going with some friends to see (warning: medically explicit link ahead) Bodies: the Exhibition. If you're in the area and would like to bump into me, get in touch!

November 7, 2006


Rob @ 12:18 AM

This site, and all my others, was down from last night to this afternoon, thanks to a snafu at my upstream. It's all better now, but my emails were also dead, so if you sent me something and didn't get a response please re-send it.

Alternatively, if you sent me something and did get a response, but it wasn't the one you wanted, you can re-send also. I have many stock replies, and nowhere near enough opportunity to use them.

My phone was also dead for much of this past weekend, so if you called me and I missed it, call me back and I'll have less of an excuse.

On the bright side.. new tune!

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