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January 22, 2007

Namey things

Rob @ 12:58 AM

I'm a bit more comfortable in that Second Life stuff now, so I'll own up to my identity there. If you partake in this particular brand of virtual crack, feel free to say hi to "Rob Triskaidekaphobia."

And now, for something completely different.. an first-initial-based quiz nicked from the Snowgrouse.

1. Actor/Actress: Rik Mayall
2. 4 letter word: Real
3. Street name: Riverside Drive, from either Manhattan or Back To The Future
4. Color: Red
5. Gift/present: Rock music
6. Vehicle: Rollerskates
7. Tropical Location: República Dominicana
8. College Major: Really didn't go to college.
9. Dairy Product: Rotten cheese
10. Thing in a Souvenir Shop: Raunchy sayings on t-shirts
11. Boy Name: Rufus
12. Girl Name: Roxanne
13. Movie Title: Room Service
14. Beer: Really don't drink or know anything about beer, but Wikipedia turns up "Rolling rock"
15. Occupation: Rooster Plucker
16. Flower: Rose
17. Celebrity: Roger Taylor
18. Magazine: Radio Ink
19. U.S. City: Raleigh, NC
20. Band: The Residents

3 Responses to “Namey things”

  1. C4bl3Fl4m3 says:

    Hee! I'm C4bl3Fl4m3 Dinzeo. I haven't made it out of the n00b area yet 'cause I don't have enough RAM. Once I start getting more RAM, I'll actually start playing the game... uh, I mean... living my Second Life.

    (Wait. Didn't I already have a second life? Wasn't it called "Fandom"? And WoW? And RP? ...I'm just sayin'. SL needs to get in line. They're my 42nd Life.)

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