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January 8, 2007

Best. Ad. Ever.

Rob @ 2:19 AM

Link via Louis..

If American ads were this awesome, I'd get a TV.

January 5, 2007


Rob @ 2:14 PM

Thanks to Diggets, I learned my blog comments have been shot for a while. And here I was thinking I was just hideously unpopular! Thanks, Diggets!

Everything should be fine for now, but I'll have to shift things around anyway. The theme I hacked together for this blog was basically my first combined shot at CSS, PHP, and in fact WordPress at all. So, the code is basically held together with the digital equivalent of sticky tape and swear words, which has somehow pretty much held together for two years and change. My site is begging for a redesign anyway, so I'll attack the whole project at once when I get the chance.

Not now, though. I ditched work early yesterday thanks to the sort of pounding migraine that makes one really displeased with Edison and Newton for inventing Light and Gravity, and it was still pretty bad this morning. It's been clearing up, though, thanks to a regimen of slightly interrupted sleep from about 3PM yesterday to right about now.

Perhaps I'm overextending myself just a bit lately.

Speaking of which, the 2600 meeting is tonight, the perfect opportunity to pimp out my new NYC2600 site. I have high hopes for it.

In other news, Grey on a Plane! She's been terribly missed. Sadly she isn't getting back in time for the meeting, but it'll sure be nice to have my best friend in the same country and time zone as me again.

January 1, 2007

First post!

Rob @ 3:36 AM

Happy New Year!

I, for one, am ready for 2007 to kick 2006's sorry keester in each and every way.

For the InSoc fans out there, I made an Information Society themed New Years card. (Check this out if you don't get what passes for the joke. Then, get the album immediately, for it is great.)

I spent the evening with my mom and the cats, watching the Times Square thing, and enjoying the latest performance by the DIC-20 android.

How did you celebrate Nude Ears?

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