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July 13, 2007


Rob @ 3:17 PM

The starting point of One Night of Fire has been announced. In a slightly unexpected development it's the same place as last year, the center of the pedestrian walkway at the Brooklyn Bridge, which we'll be departing at 7:57 sharp.

In case you're still on the fence about going, here are some photos, and some videos from last year's one.

See you there!

July 11, 2007

One Night of Fire

Rob @ 9:06 PM

Party on Saturday!!!

I went last year, and it was absolutely fantastic. I'm going this year with some cool people, and would love to bring more. Anyone who wants to come with or meet up there, get in touch!

It starts with a spark.

Our best moments are ignited by simple ideas. You are invited to be a part of a renegade parade of guerrilla art and performance, spontaneous acts of kindness and indelible moments of beauty. In this era of conflict, One Night of Fire is our indulgence in the best we have left.

One Night of Fire
This Saturday, July 14th, 7:57pm


Fire is our metaphor for the blood and fervor that this city seems to celebrate and choke with every passing moment. Dozens of artists and performers are collaborating to create the experience we love: a free-form carnival of decadence, risk and grandeur.

Expect: crews of drummers + stilt walkers + fire spinners + renegade aerialists + fireworks & rocketships + gifts of liquor + brass march bands + a liberated water-front + the unending spectacle of sparks and flame shining in the faces of you, me and a thousand of our friends.

In an era of darkness, we light our own flame.

The Theme: Fire. Liberation. Paris, July 14th 1789, but this time it's the battle for Brooklyn.

Dress: In white (the more costumed the better, you are the Angels that keep this city alive and untamed.)

Bring: Drums, Parasols, Refreshments (discreetly), Music, Gifts to Share, Friends, Lovers and your Metrocard.

Cost: Absolutely Free.

The Start: We will meet at sunset (7:57pm sharp!) on Saturday July 14th, rain or shine. The location will be posted Friday after 3pm at:

The Renegade: The soul of this event is that we don't ask permission to host it. In the past the police have worked with us politely and we have returned the favor by respecting them. Please, watch for yourself and others. Be respectful and don't do anything that you'll regret when you're 50.

On the website we have an amazing new video from last year's Night of Fire. If the video is slow or choppy, try the YouTube version by following the link below. While you're at it add a Digg to help increase the exposure.

If you want to be involved in making this event happen join us for the final organizing meeting Thursday. We are looking for more drummers, flag bearers, projectionists, body painters, acrobats, brass band members, stilt walkers and anyone who is interested in seeing an event like this come together from the inside. There is a role for everyone.

Get involved:
Thursday, July 12th @ 8pm
135 Plymouth St. #208
Dumbo, Brooklyn
Take the F train to York or the A,C train to High Street.

The meeting will be fun, a little boozy and open to all.

{Feel free to forward / post this invite. }

TheDanger List

July 5, 2007


Rob @ 12:43 AM

Saw "Transformers" yesterday. It was pretty damn awesome! Looks like Michael Bay finally learned a thing or two about how to make a movie.

I'm now at Murd0c's place enjoying the aftermath of an awesome 4th of July party. w00t.

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