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August 27, 2007

Once again the Internet saves me from blah.

Rob @ 11:13 AM

The Frisky Dingo season premiere was awesome. Catch it now if you haven't caught it already.

When you're at work on a Monday morning, using Livejournal to distract you from both work and the pounding, sleep-deprivation-fueled headache, few things can brighten your day and let you forget your troubles more than the news that Eyebrow Thief has returned. Godspeed, sweet guerilla potatochopper!

On the off-chance you haven't seen it yet, check out Caitlin Upton serving as a shining example of the hip, modern "U. S. American." Miss Teen South Carolina makes us all proud indeed. Of course I can't say I have much respect for pageants like this to begin with, and that's an obviously loaded question, but sometimes crappy events and loaded questions are wonderful tools for bringing the funneh. (EDIT: That link went to a YTMND before, but the site maker changed it to something stupid, so I changed the link to the Youtube. Meh.)

August 19, 2007

Photos from the Deutsche Bank fire

Rob @ 2:05 AM

I decided to be a hippie and upload my photos from the fire to Wikimedia Commons, freebie style.

OMG Look!

I uploaded 21 images. Others may add more to that page if there were any other Wikimedia-loving hippies among all the obnoxious twunts taking photos, but mine have filenames starting with "Deutsche Bank Building fire 8-18-07" and are labeled with my name in the descriptions.

Since getting home I've learned that two firefighters are confirmed dead so far. This being the case, I feel I must apologize for the flippant tone of my previous post.

My deepest regrets and condolences to their families, as well as those of anyone else who became injured or worse by this.

Apparently the SOB is still burning.

I'm completely drained. Need sleep now.

August 18, 2007

What a concept.

Rob @ 9:07 PM

There's a building on fire at Ground Zero.

I had gone to the World Financial Ceter Plaza this afternoon in hopes of participating in the MP3 Experiment, but five minutes into the thing my CD player died. Of all the luck! So, I decided to start walking uptown.

Ground Zero is just east of the WFC. As I approached it I noticed a small plume of smoke, and followed it down to the Deutsche Bank Building. I don't know how long the fire had been going for, but there were already some fire trucks spraying the building at ground level, and a decent amount of police closing off Liberty Street. There were also throngs of tourists snapping photos of the place.

It just so happened I had brought a camera with me, to use at the MP3 event. Since that was a bust, I decided to take some photos for myself.

I took photos and talked to people around the circumference of Ground Zero as the smoke thickened. I had a bottle of water with me, which I used to soak a handkerchief and breathe through. The atmosphere at the WTC site as crowds gathered to watch the blaze, although smokey, was surprisingly blase'. I guess at this point, a burning skyscraper in lower Manhattan is old hat.

I had to stop at one point when I doubled over in laughter at the sight of some guy lighting up a cigar as he photographed the building. He didn't understand what was so funny, and refused to let me photograph him.

I decided to leave when the police started herding crowds away from the area, mainly due to the low-asbestos diet I recently started, and puttered around the City the rest of the day.

I'm writing this now from the Hopscotch Cafe (nee before heading back to Penn Station. I'll dump the camera onto the Web when I get home tonight.

August 17, 2007


Rob @ 12:45 PM

This Sunday, August 19, marks the 30th anniversary of the death of Groucho Marx.

To those of you who may not know me so well.. yes, this actually is a big deal for me.

Someone on Groucho's IMDb board asked what, if anything, Groucho fans can do on that date to remember him.

I replied thusly...

Here's a way we can all celebrate.. tell a Groucho joke to someone, not just among Groucho fans like us but somewhere unrelated. Invite non-Marxists over for movie nights. Make a Groucho wisecrack to someone random, from your best friend to some stranger waiting on line at the bank. Do something, anything, that takes a little bit of what Groucho has given you, and spreads it further out into the world.

At the very least, you and Groucho will have brightened someone's day for a bit. And maybe - just maybe - you'll help create a new Marxist.

Groucho's wit, spirit, and influence on the world has now outlived the man himself by 30 years. It's up to us to ensure it continues for the next 30 years, and the 30 after that.

What better way to do that than by making somebody smile?

Here's your ammo. Get to work!
video clips
audio and more

So, those of you who I lack real-life access to, youir job is to save me the trouble. This weekend, rent, borrow, or download something from the above lists, catch any TV reruns that might get done in his honor, or at least give that quotes page a read-through or scan through a few of those video clips, and celebrate with me!

August 16, 2007

I'm in ur Torchwoodz

Rob @ 3:52 PM

Badly Fotochopping ur agentz.

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