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August 27, 2007

Once again the Internet saves me from blah.

Rob @ 11:13 AM

The Frisky Dingo season premiere was awesome. Catch it now if you haven't caught it already.

When you're at work on a Monday morning, using Livejournal to distract you from both work and the pounding, sleep-deprivation-fueled headache, few things can brighten your day and let you forget your troubles more than the news that Eyebrow Thief has returned. Godspeed, sweet guerilla potatochopper!

On the off-chance you haven't seen it yet, check out Caitlin Upton serving as a shining example of the hip, modern "U. S. American." Miss Teen South Carolina makes us all proud indeed. Of course I can't say I have much respect for pageants like this to begin with, and that's an obviously loaded question, but sometimes crappy events and loaded questions are wonderful tools for bringing the funneh. (EDIT: That link went to a YTMND before, but the site maker changed it to something stupid, so I changed the link to the Youtube. Meh.)

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